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Happy Mask Salesman
Postman’s Hat All-Night Mask Blast Mask Stone Mask Great Fairy’s Mask Deku Mask
Keaton Mask Bremen Mask Bunny Hood Don Gero’s Mask Mask of Scents Goron Mask
Romani’s Mask Circus / Troupe Leader’s Mask Kafei’s Mask Couple’s Mask Mask of Truth Zora Mask
Kamaro’s Mask Gibdo Mask Garo’s Mask Captain’s Hat Giant’s Mask Fierce Deity Mask

Transformation Masks
[ edit ]

Deku Mask

Link gets this mask after the Happy Mask Salesman plays the Song of healing for him. As the Deku Scrub, he can hop on top of water a couple times, as well as shoot bubbles at enemies. Also, the Deku Scrub can burrow into flowers and then shoot into the air – gliding down slowly.

A: Spin
B: Shoot bubble

Goron Mask

Play the Song of Healing for Darmani after following him to the Goron Shrine. The mask turns Link into a Goron, complete with increased size and strength.

A: Curl (hold down A, and then press up to build speed).
B: Attack.

If you hold down A and then press B, you will do the Ground Pound.

Zora Mask

Push the dying Zora, Mikau , to the shore in the Great Bay, and then play the song of healing for him. The mask turns Link into a Zora. He fires his fins like boomerangs and has a forcefield while swimming, while holding the R button (uses magic).

A: Swim
B: Dive
R: Energy Field

Secondary Masks
[ edit ]


Bremen Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Clock Town, Laundry Pool
Uses: When worn, press B to initiate a march using the Ocarina to cause small animals to follow behind you. Needed to obtain the Bunny Hood . The Bremen Mask can also be used to make the Ikana Warriors march behind you during battle.

Link receives this mask from Guru-Guru , the musician with the Gorman Troupe, in the Laundry Pool area of South Clocktown at night during the first or second nights. Just go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town and talk to the guy about his problems and you will receive the mask. Please note: Guru-Guru only gives you this mask if you are in human form.

Great Fairy’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Clock Town, Great Fairy Fountain
Uses: Wearing the Great Fairy Mask will cause wayward Stray Fairies to travel towards you. When worn in dungeons, the mask’s hair will glow when a Stray Fairy is present somewhere in the room.

In the 3DS version the mask will make a chime sound and attract Stray Fairies that are not trapped in bubbles or otherwise obstructed.

You can get this mask by returning the lost fairy to the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clocktown.You can find the Stray Fairy either in the Laundry Pool during the day, or by the Stock Pot Inn at night, for this last one you may have to use the Deku flower to be able to reach it.

Bunny Hood
[ edit ]

Location Found: Romani Ranch, Cucco Farm
Uses: When worn, Link will run much fast and jump for farther distances. The bunny hood will also let you see hidden timers like the one used in the Postman’s minigame.

Once you have obtained the Bremen Mask , go to Romani’s Ranch any day (If you haven’t finished the Second Dungeon and acquired the Powder Keg then you’ll have to go there during the Third day) at the bottom of the ranch you will find two houses that you can access. Go to the one with the little chicks painted on the walls. There you will see a depressed guy who’s sad because he won’t be able to see his little chicks grow up to be Cuccoos. Mind helping him? With the Bremen Mask equipped, hold B to start marching, walk near every chick you see, and then when you get them all (10) they will start turning into Roosters (yay!). Now the guy will see his chicks grown into Cuccoos and will gladly give you the Bunny Hood as a reward!

Mask of Scents
[ edit ]

Location Found: Southern Swamp, Deku Palace Entrance
Uses: Using this mask will help you detect scents by coloring their odors in a visible manner. This can be used to help make Kotake’s Blue Potions by finding the right mushrooms, or detecting other… pungent stenches.

To get the mask, you will have to finish the Woodfall Temple and rescue the Deku Princess who is right behind you after you defeat Odolwa , to carry her use an empty bottle to put her in it. Now take her to the Deku Palace . Afterwards you will have to exit the Deku Palace and turn to the right (Left if you are facing the Deku Palace) Use the Deku Mask to get to the little cave. There you will find the Deku Butler , you will have to race him to get the mask.

Having the Bunny Hood would make things easier for you, but don’t rely too much on it, use both the Deku Mask and the Bunny Hood to make your way through easier. Once you finish the race, the Butler will tell you that you remind him of his son. He will then give you the Mask of Scents.


Romani’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Romani Ranch, Milk Road
Uses: Allows access to the Milk Bar at night in East Clock Town

To get this mask, you will have to have completed the Snowhead Temple and have acquired the Powder Keg so you can access the Romani Ranch in the first day. (To buy a Powder Keg, go to the Bomb Shop in West Clocktown and buy it from the Goron who’s standing in the shop for 50 rupees, you must be a Goron, and you will need to be Licensed by the Goron at the Goron City after you have finished the Second Temple) After you get in the Ranch, you will have to help Romani defend the Ranch from “Them” (Aliens) (Playing the Song of Inverted Time will slow the “Them” down making your job a little easier, but will also make the night last longer). Romani will teach you Epona’s song song if you agree to help her. 

After you follow Romani’s instructions and defend the Ranch, if you successfully defend the ranch she will reward you with a bottle of milk. Cremia (Romani’s Sister) will offer you a ride to Clock Town as she has to deliver some Milk to the Milk Bar in East Clocktown. Accompany her and she will notice that the road is blocked, so she will have to take a detour. During this, two men riding donkeys will try to steal or break the Milk jars (I guess you can tell who they are) Defend the Wagon from them. After you successfully defending it, Cremia will reward you with the Romani’s Mask, or a hug if you go back in time and complete the sidequest again.

Kamaro’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: North Termina Field (Night)
Uses: When worn, press B to engage in a stylish dance, needed for obtaining a Heart Piece from the Rosa Sisters .

To get the mask, you have to go to Northern Termina at night. You’ll see him dancing between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM on a giant mushroom rock. He will tell you he is regretful. Play the Song of Healing for him to free his spirit. He will then give you Kamaro’s Mask to spread his dance.

Blast Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: North Clock Town (Night)
Uses: When worn, press B to detonate the bomb on your face. Doing so will cause you to loose one heart per blast, unless you are crouching with your shield out (Shielding while Z/L Targeting will disable the Blast Mask’s detonation)

To get the Blast Mask, you need to save the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop on the First Night at Midnight in North Clocktown. Sakon the thief is going to try to steal the bombs from her, slash him to save the bombs and the lady will reward you (shooting him with your bow causes him to explode). You’re such a good kid.

Kafei’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: East Clock Town, Mayor’s Office
Uses: When speaking to townsfolk with Kafei’s Mask, it serves as an information gatherer, prompting people to tell you what they know of the missing man, Kafei.

In order to obtain Kafei’s Mask, speak to the Kafei’s mother in the Mayor’s House, through the door on the right, in East Clocktown. By agreeing to help search for the missing Kafei, she will give you the mask.


Captain’s Hat
[ edit ]

Location Found: Ikana Canyon, Graveyard
Uses: Causes Stalchidren to mistake you for their captain, and needed to get items like Pieces of Heart , Empty Bottles, and The Song of Storms. Also causes nearby Redeads to dance, and causes a humorous dialogue to happen if worn during the Igos du Ikana boss fight.

To get the hat, you will have to go to the Graveyard and go to the place where a Giant Skeleton is sleeping, in front of him play Sonata of Awakening to wake him up and start a battle against him. Use arrows to stun him to hold him from getting to the end of the way, if he gets there first it’s over and you will have to go to the first day to try again. Once you defeat him you will need either the Hookshot or the Bunny Hood to get to the Chest the Mask is in.

Mask of Truth
[ edit ]

Location Found: Southern Swamp, Skulltulla Dungeon
Uses: Allows the wearer to speak to the Sheikah Stones found in various areas of Termina. Can also read the inner thoughts of beasts like dogs, and can help you pick the right dog for the doggy race.

To get this mask, you must complete the first Skulltula Dungeon in the Southern Swamp. To check the guide for this Mini-Dungeon click here .

All-Night Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: West Clock Town, Curiosity Shop
Uses: Negates the effect of sleep brought on by listening to one of Anju’s Grandmother’s stories.

To get this mask, you must save the Old Lady from Sakon on the first night. Then buy this mask at the Curiosity Shop for 500 Rupees (10:00 PM on the Last Night), you will need to save the old lady from the Bomb-Shop and obtain the Giant’s Wallet as a reward for clearing out the Skulltula House in Great Bay on the First Day, click here to see the Guide.

Giant’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Stone Tower, Eyegore Boss Fight
Uses: Allows Link to become giant in size and take on much larger enemies with ease. This can only be used in boss fights however.

To get it you will have to kill the Eyegore in the Inverted Stone Tower . You check out the Walkthrough Guide here to get more information about how to get it in the Dungeon.

In the 3DS Version of the game, you will only be able to get the Giant’s Mask after beating the first worm in the Twinmold boss fight. You won’t be able to use your sword, but Link will instead use his fists, as well as being able to throw large boulders.


Stone Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Ikana Canyon Entrance, Pirate’s Fortress (3DS)
Uses: When worn, the mask lets Link move unnoticed by many enemies, with the exception of bosses and certain monsters. Highly recommended for infiltrating the Pirate Fortress .

For this mask, you will need Epona , the Lens of Truth and a Bottle of Red Potion. Go to East Termina and head for the Canyon while riding Epona. In the opposite side of the entrance to the Graveyard, you will see a circle of rocks (Right when you enter), use the Lens of Truth to see an injured soldier who’s asking for help. Give him the Red Potion to heal him and he will give you the Stone Mask as a reward.

In the 3DS version, the injured soldier is located in the center of the fortress near the boxes under the central watchtower. Just like in the N64 version you will need a Red Potion and the Lens of Truth to interact with him and recieve the Stone Mask.

Keaton Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Clock Town, Kafei’s Hideout
Uses: Summons a Keaton if any ring of moving bushes are cut down before the all disappear. Answering all of the Keaton’s questions correctly will reward Link with a Heart Piece.

To get this Mask check out the Anju and Kafei’s quest here as you have to go through a sidequest in the game to get it.

Don Gero’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Snowhead, Mountain Village
Uses: When worn, allows Link to speak to the five different frogs found around Termina. When all frogs are reunited, Link will earn a Piece of Heart.

In order to obtain this mask, light all the torches in Goron City, then use the Goron roll to destroy the torches on the chandelier. Take the Rock Tenderloin that falls out to the shivering Goron in the Mountain Village.

Garo’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Gorman Race Track, Milk Road
Uses: When worn, Link can successfully infiltrate Ikana Canyon while posing as a Garo. Garo ninjas will also give you interesting trivia about the area before attacking. Wearing the mask will also cause nearby Redead to dance.

To find this mask, go to the Race Track at the Milk Road while riding Epona , when they see your horse, talk to the Gorman Brothers and challenge them to a race. Win and you’ll get this Mask, but how the heck did they get it? Who knows?


Postman’s Hat
[ edit ]

Location Found:West Clock Town, Postman’s Residence, Milk Bar
Uses: With this hat on, Link will have access to any mailbox in Clock Town. The first time Link inspects one, you will find a Heart Piece. Every check thereafter will only yield a single green rupee.

You can get this hat by going through the Kafei notebook entry until you get the Priority Mail. Give it to the Postman, and then talk to him about it. You can see how to do it here .

Circus Leader’s Mask (aka TROUPE LEADER’S Mask in 3ds version)
[ edit ]

Location Found: East Clock Town, Milk Bar
Uses: When this sad mask is worn, anyone related to the Circus Leader will be overpowered by emotion. You can speak to the Gorman Brothers for some special dialogue, and they will not harm you if worn while defending Cremia’s Milk Cart.

For this mask, go into the Milk Bar in East Clock Town at 10 p.m. during the Latté (you’ll need the Romani Mask to enter), and help the Zora with his sound check by playing the instruments while wearing each of your three transformation masks (Deku, Goron, Zora) and as Link. The song that you and the rest of your alternate selves will perform is the Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening! The Circus Leader will be overcome with emotion and present you with the mask.

Couple’s Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: East Clock Town, Stock Pot Inn
Uses: If worn in the Mayor’s Office, Link can temporarily stop the eternal argument by appealing to everyone involved. Doing so will reward you with a Heart Piece.

Complete Anju’s notebook entry by recovering the stolen Sun Mask. See how to complete Anju and Kafei’s quest here .

Gibdo Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: Ikana Canyon
Uses: Wearing the mask, Link can talk to other Gibdos. Also makes any nearby Redeads dance.

To get the Gibdo Mask, you will need to purify the Canyon at Ikana by playing the Song of Storms, you get this from Sharp in the Ikana Graveyard, to Flat in the cave. Afterwards use the Stone Mask to access the little house in the middle (The one that plays the creepy circus music) go downstairs and you will find a half-mummified man. Play the Song of Healing to cure him and he will give you the Gibdo Mask.


Special Mask
[ edit ]

Fierce Deity Mask
[ edit ]

Location Found: The Moon
Uses: With this mask Link will become a super-powered version of Adult Link. Sporting a giant two-handed sword that can release beams of energy, he is all but unstoppable. This mask can only be worn during boss battles.

As it is the ultimate mask, you will need to first gather all of the other masks in this list. Then, complete the Moon mini-dungeons at the end of the game, and you will trade away all other non-transformation masks to be given the Fierce Deity Mask right before the final boss battle.

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The Hawkeye from Twilight Princess
Ocarina of Time
Majora’s Mask
Oracle of Ages
The Wind Waker
The Minish Cap
Twilight Princess
Other media
A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)
Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland
Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors Legends

Masks are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series .


  • 1 Location and Uses
    • 1.1 Ocarina of Time
    • 1.2 Majora’s Mask
    • 1.3 Oracle of Ages
    • 1.4 The Wind Waker
    • 1.5 Twilight Princess
  • 2 Other Appearances
    • 2.1 Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland
    • 2.2 Hyrule Warriors
      • 2.2.1 Variations
      • 2.2.2 Attack Combinations
        • Weak Point Smash
        • Special Attack
        • Focus Spirit
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Nomenclature
  • 5 Gallery

Location and Uses

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time , Masks are part of the Mask Trading Sequence . In it, the Happy Mask Salesman of the Happy Mask Shop lends Link a Mask and has him look for a character to sell it to. Link is then tasked to return to the shop to bring back the Rupees used to purchase the mask, sometimes even having to pay out of his own Wallet when the costumer refuses to pay the appropriate amount. Link is continuously given another Mask to sell until the Happy Mask Salesman has no more left to sell. This allows Link to borrow any of the Masks, plus a few additional ones, to wear around Hyrule .

The Masks are only obtainable and usable while Link is a child. Most of the Masks possess no abilities when worn, however, some like the Skull Mask and the Bunny Hood do grant small abilities.

MaskMethod of ObtainmentUses
MM3D Keaton Mask Icon.png
Keaton Mask
Available after showing Zelda’s Letter to the Soldier guarding the gate to Death Mountain in Kakariko Village .To be sold for 15 Rupees to the Soldier guarding the entrance to Death Mountain.
OoT3D Skull Mask Icon.png
Skull Mask
Available after selling the Keaton Mask.To be sold for 20 Rupees to the Skull Kid in Lost Woods .
Prevents Keese from attacking.
Used to obtain a Deku Stick upgrade at the Forest Stage .
OoT3D Spooky Mask Icon.png
Spooky Mask
Available after selling the Skull Mask.To be sold for 30 Rupees to the Graveyard Boy in the Kakariko Village Graveyard .
MM3D Bunny Hood Icon.png
Bunny Hood
Available after selling the Spooky Mask.To be sold for 50 Rupees to the Running Man in Hyrule Field .
Prevents Stalchildren from appearing.
MM3D Mask of Truth Icon.png
Mask of Truth
Available after selling the Bunny Hood.Enables Link to listen to Gossip Stones .
Used to obtain a Deku Nut upgrade at the Forest Stage.
OoT3D Goron Mask Icon.png
Goron Mask
Available after selling the Bunny Hood.
MM3D Zora Mask Icon.png
Zora Mask
Available after selling the Bunny Hood.
OoT3D Gerudo Mask Icon.png
Gerudo Mask
Available after selling the Bunny Hood.

Majora’s Mask

In Majora’s Mask , numerous Masks appear. Some give certain abilities when worn, while others completely transform Link’s form.

MaskMethod of ObtainmentUsesIn-game Description
MM3D Deku Mask Icon.png
Deku Mask
Obtained after learning the ” Song of Healing .”Transforms Link into a Deku .Wear it with (C) to assume Deku form. Use (C) to change back.
MM3D Goron Mask Icon.png
Goron Mask
Obtained after playing the ” Song of Healing ” in Darmani III ‘s grave in the Goron Graveyard .Transforms Link into a Goron .Wear it with (C) to assume Goron form. Use (C) to change back.
MM3D Zora Mask Icon.png
Zora Mask
Obtained after playing the “Song of Healing” for Mikau in the Great Bay Coast .Transforms Link into a Zora .Wear it with (C) to assume Zora form. Use (C) to change back.
MM3D Fierce Deity's Mask Icon.png
Fierce Deity’s Mask
Obtained after playing Hide-and-Seek with the Moon Children and giving all 20 Masks to them.Transforms Link into the Fierce Deity Link .Wear it with (C). Its dark power can be used only in boss rooms.
MM3D All-Night Mask Icon.png
All-Night Mask
Bought in the Curiosity Shop on the Final Day for 500 Rupees.Keeps Link from falling asleep.When you wear it with (C), you don’t get sleepy.
MM3D Blast Mask Icon.png
Blast Mask
Obtained after stopping Sakon from stealing the Old Lady ‘s Bomb Bag .Detonates like a Bomb , but damages Link.Wear it with (C), then detonate it with (B)… Losing hearts from the explosion is a side effect.
MM3D Bremen Mask Icon.png
Bremen Mask
Obtained after hearing Guru-Guru ‘s confessions at night at the Laundry PoolPlays music and prompts small animals to march.Wear it with (C) so young animals will mistake you for their leader.
MM3D Bunny Hood Icon.png
Bunny Hood
Obtained after making all of Grog ‘s Cuccos from the Cucco Shack grow.Increases running speed, jumping distance, and agility.Wear it with (C) to be filled with the speed and hearing of the wild.
MM3D Captain's Hat Icon.png
Captain’s Hat
Obtained after defeating Captain Keeta in the Ikana Graveyard .Enables conversation with Stalchildren
Prevents Stalchildren and ReDead attacks.
Wear it with (C) to pose as Captain Keeta.
MM3D Couple's Mask Icon.png
Couple’s Mask
Earned through the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest.Symbolizes ultimate love, stops long disputes among people.When you wear it with (C), you can soften people’s hearts.
MM3D Don Gero's Mask Icon.png
Don Gero’s Mask
Obtained after feeding the starving Goron in the Mountain VillageAllows communication with Frogs .When you wear it, you can call the Frog Choir members together.
MM3D Garo's Mask Icon.png
Garo’s Mask
Obtained after winning the Gorman Track race.Allows entry into the Ikana Canyon .
Summons Garo Ninjas.
Prevents ReDeads from attacking.
This mask can summon the hidden Garo ninjas. Wear it with (C).
MM3D Great Fairy Mask Icon.png
Great Fairy Mask
Obtained after retrieving the lost Stray Fairy from Clock Town for the second time.Attracts Stray Fairies.The mask’s hair will shimmer when you’re close to a Stray Fairy.
MM3D Giant's Mask Icon.png
Giant’s Mask
Obtained after defeating one of the Eyegores in the Stone Tower Temple . (MM)
Obtained after defeating the blue Twinmold . (MM3D)
Transforms Link into a giant during the battle against Twinmold.If you wear it in a certain room, you’ll grow into a giant.
MM3D Gibdo Mask Icon.png
Gibdo Mask
Obtained after playing the “Song of Healing” for Pamela’s Father .Prevents Gibdos and ReDeads from attacking.Use it with (C). Even a real Gibdo will mistake you for its own kind.
MM3D Kafei's Mask Icon.png
Kafei’s Mask
Obtained through the reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest.Characters will talk about Kafei .Wear it with (C) to inquire about Kafei’s whereabouts.
MM3D Kamaro's Mask Icon.png
Kamaro’s Mask
Obtained after playing the “Song of Healing” for Kamaro in Termina Field .Allows Link to dance.Wear this with (C) to perform a mysterious dance.
MM3D Keaton Mask Icon.png
Keaton Mask
Obtained through the reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest.Summons Keatons when rustling grass is attacked.The mask of the ghost fox, Keaton. Wear it with (C).
MM3D Mask of Scents Icon.png
Mask of Scents
Obtained after completing the Deku Butler ‘s race in the Deku Shrine .Enables Link to find the location of Mushrooms .Wear it with (C) to heighten your sense of smell.
MM3D Mask of Truth Icon.png
Mask of Truth
Obtained after defeating all the Gold Skulltulas in the Swamp Spider House .Allows Link to listen to Gossip Stones and the thoughts of animals.Wear it to read the thoughts of Gossip Stones and animals.
MM3D Moon's Mask.png
Moon Mask
Used to create the Couple’s Mask. Unusable by Link.
MM3D Postman's Hat Icon.png
Postman’s Hat
Obtained through the reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest.Enables Link to check the contents of Mail Boxes .You can look in mailboxes when you wear this with (C).
MM3D Romani's Mask Icon.png
Romani’s Mask
Obtained through the Helping Romani and Cremia sidequest.Grants access to the Milk Bar at night.Wear it with (C) to show you’re a member of the Milk Bar, Latte.
MM3D Stone Mask Icon.png
Stone Mask
Obtained after helping Shiro recover his energy with a Potion in the Road to Ikana .Makes Link invisible to most enemies and characters.Become as plain as stone so you can blend into your surroundings.
MM3D Sun's Mask.png
Sun Mask
Used to create the Couple’s Mask. Unusable by Link.
MM3D Troupe Leader's Mask Icon.png
Troupe Leader’s Mask
Obtained after playing the ” Ballad of the Wind Fish ” for Gorman in the Milk Bar.Calms angry people.
Prevents attacks from the Milk Road pursuers.
People related to Gorman will react to this.
MM3D Odolwa's Remains Icon.png MM3D Goht's Remains Icon.png
MM3D Gyorg's Remains Icon.png MM3D Twinmold's Remains Icon.png
Boss Remains
Obtained after defeating its corresponding boss.Allows a rematch with each boss. Unusable by Link.The remains of the boss in [Temple].
MM3D Majora's Mask Model.png
Majora’s Mask
Grants destructive, corrupting powers to the one who wears it. Unusable by Link.

Oracle of Ages


In Oracle of Ages , the Doggie Mask is part of the game’s Trading Sequence . It is given by the Happy Mask Salesman in exchange for the Tasty Meat . The Mask is then given to Mamamu Yan in Lynna City for her dog. She gives Link the Dumbbell in return.

The Wind Waker

Main article: Hero’s Charm
Hero's Charm Artwork.png

In The Wind Waker , the Hero’s Charm is a Mask Link can wear to view enemy and bosses’ health bars when targeting . It is received after Link gives 40 Joy Pendants to Mrs. Marie in Windfall Island . In The Wind Waker HD , the Hero’s Charm is instead located inside a Treasure Chest at the end of the Savage Labyrinth .

Jalhalla , the boss of the Earth Temple , is a mask that boasts control over Poes . Link must defeat the fifteen Poes that make up its body in order to defeat it.

Twilight Princess

Main articles: Hawkeye , Fused Shadow , and Zant Mask
TPHD Hawkeye Icon.png

In Twilight Princess , the Hawkeye is a Mask which, when worn, allows Link to view long distances. It is also compatible with the Hero’s Bow , which produces a cross-hair for firing. The Mask can be bought from Malo in Kakariko Village’s Malo Mart for 100 Rupees after completing Talo and Malo’s Bow minigame.

The Fused Shadow is a type of Mask that possesses immense power. The Mask holds the magical power of the Dark Interlopers , and was used in the Interloper War . By order of the Goddesses , it was sealed away by the Spirits of Light . It was broken and divided into four parts, which Midna tasks Link with finding during the first half of the game. The helmet Midna wears is one part of the Fused Shadow.

The Zant Mask is an enemy that resembles a giant version of Zant ‘s mask helmet. It only appears in the Palace of Twilight .

Other Appearances

Ambiguously Canon Content

Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland

In Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland , Tingle receives a Mask for defeating Baron . The origin of this Mask is debated, with a different story told by each Bodyguard , and is immediately sold to that Bodyguard. It has no purpose beyond this financial reward.

Non-Canon Information

Hyrule Warriors

This section of the page is incomplete. You can help Zelda Wiki by expanding it .

HW Young Link Sword.png

Young Link wielding the Mask

In Hyrule Warriors , the Fierce Deity’s Mask and the Hawkeye appear as an Attack Badge and an Assist Badge, respectively. The Fierce Deity’s Mask Badge grants Warriors an additional Special Attack Gauge. A third gauge is granted by crafting its enhanced Badge. The Hawkeye Badge increases the duration of Bow power-ups. The duration can be further increased by crafting its enhanced Badge.

Several other Masks from Majora’s Mask appear as unlockable Costumes in the Termina Map , which are included in the Majora’s Mask DLC Pack. A Keaton Mask is also worn by Young Link over his head.

The Mask is also a class of Weapon used by Young Link, based on the Fierce Deity’s Mask. It is associated with Darkness . While Young Link primarily uses the Kokiri Sword as his actual Weapon in battle, he can temporarily transform into the Fierce Deity as part of his Weak Point Smash , Special Attack, and predominately his Focus Spirit . While in Focus Spirit, the Kokiri Sword transforms into Fierce Deity’s sword, and his attack power, speed and range is heightened for the duration of the Focus Spirit. As Young Link is able to play the Ocarina of Time to empty his Special Attack Meter and fill his Magic Meter , it is possible for Young Link to stay in his Focus Spirit for lengthy periods of time.


The default Mask is the Fierce Deity Mask. The second form of the Mask is the Furious Deity Mask, followed by the Vengeful Deity Mask.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends only, the fourth form of the Mask is the Inflamed Deity’s Mask, which is associated with both the Elements of Fire and Darkness.

Weapon Power
WeaponNumber of Stars
Lv.1HW Fierce Deity Mask.png
Fierce Deity Mask
HWDE Darkness Element Icon.png Darkness808896104112120
Lv.2HW Furious Deity Mask.png
Furious Deity Mask
HWDE Darkness Element Icon.png Darkness150165180195210225
Lv.3HW Vengeful Deity Mask.png
Vengeful Deity Mask
HWDE Darkness Element Icon.png Darkness280308336364392420
Lv.4 (HWL | HWDE)HW Vengeful Deity Mask.png
Vengeful Deity Mask +
HWDE Darkness Element Icon.png Darkness500550600650700750
Lv.4+ (HWL | HWDE)HW Vengeful Deity Mask.png
Inflamed Deity’s Mask
HWDE Darkness Element Icon.png Darkness
HWDE Fire Element Icon.png Fire

Attack Combinations

Attack PatternEffect
Weak Point Smash
Main article: Critical Point

Against Captains and Warriors, Young Link dons the Fierce Deity Mask and becomes the Fierce Deity briefly. He then slashes his enemy rapidly, along with any other enemies caught in the attack. Against Giant Bosses, Young Link transforms into the Fierce Deity as he charges his blade with power, then strikes the boss in an uppercut slash before leaping into the air. He then comes down at the boss, striking his blade into the boss’s weak point.

Special Attack
Main article: Special Attack

Young Link dons the Fierce Deity’s Mask and, after prepping his sword, swings it in a wide Spin Attack . This attack hits a wide range ahead and around Young Link, and carries the Darkness Element.

Focus Spirit
Main article: Focus Spirit

Upon activation, Young Link dons the Fierce Deity’s Mask. Its power surges through his body, causing him to scream similarly to the Mask cutscenes in Majora’s Mask. Young Link henceforth becomes the Fierce Deity for the duration of the Focus Spirit. During his Focus Spirit Attack, the Fierce Deity holds up his blade as Skull Kid , along with Tatl and Tael , appear dropping the Moon. The Fierce Deity then slashes the Moon in half, causing a powerful blow to the surrounding enemies in the shock wave’s wake. When the Focus Spirit Gauge is depleted, the Fierce Deity leans back and performs a Spin Attack, bursting in Darkness energy in the process.


  • In A Link Between Worlds , numerous characters in Lorule wear Masks. A Masked Elder leads a group of Masked Followers , who have come to wear Masks resembling monsters in the hopes that it will bring them salvation from Lorule’s crumbling world. Majora’s Mask also appears inside Link’s House .
  • In Breath of the Wild , certain pieces of Armor that Link can wear are Masks, such as the Bokoblin Mask that allows him to disguise as a Bokoblin .


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandEnglishUKMask
CanadaFrenchCAMasque (MM3D)
Italian RepublicItalianMaschera
Community of Latin American and Caribbean StatesSpanishLAMáscara (MM3D)


  • 25th Anniversary artwork of Link with the Keaton and Zora Masks

  • Artwork of Link with the Goron Mask from Majora’s Mask

  • Artwork of Link with the Deku and Zora Masks from Majora’s Mask 3D

  • Artwork of Link with the Keaton Mask from Hyrule Warriors

  • Mask Adventure Mode icon from Hyrule Warriors

  • Young Link donning the Mask from Hyrule Warriors

  • Young Link using the Inflamed Deity Mask from Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

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      To Termina

      What’s behind these masks?

      They’re more than mere disguises

      Masks are essential to your quest in Termina. They can give you one special ability or transform you into a completely different character with a host of super powers.

      • Deku

      • Goron

      • Zora

      • Fierce Deity

      • Other Masks


      Deku Mask

      Your first major transformation will turn you into a Deku Scrub: a leafy green adventurer that can use Spin Attacks, shoot bubbles, fly with Deku Flowers, and even hop across water.

      As I am, I can only watch as Goron Village is slowly buried in ice… I may have died, but I cannot rest.

      Darmani the Third, proud Goron Hero

      Goron Mask

      Assume the mantle of a dead Goron hero, and morph into a hulking warrior with super strength and huge bombs. Use a little magic to wheel around Termina as a spiked juggernaut.

      Zora Mask

      Don the Zora Mask to swim into an underwater world of fishy intrigue and righteous tunes. You can’t use your sword, but your hands (and fins) are registered weapons with Termina PD.

      The only one among the Zora tribe who is still able to go to blows with those wild pirates… is you! The one with the blood of Zoran heroes flowing within you.

      Evan, the Zora bandleader

      Fierce Deity’s Mask

      It isn’t easy to obtain, but this mask will give you a tremendous edge in battle, and much of that edge comes from the giant twisted blade you’ll wield.

      Other Masks of Termina

      • All-Night Mask

        Blast Mask

      • Bremen Mask

        Bunny Hood

      • Captain’s Hat

        Troupe Leader’s Mask

      • Couple’s Mask

        Don Gero’s Mask

      • Garo’s Mask

        Giant’s Mask

      • Gibdo Mask

        Great Fairy’s Mask

      • Kafei’s Mask

        Kamaro’s Mask

      • Keaton Mask

        Mask of Scents

      • Mask of Truth

        Postman’s Hat

      • Romani’s Mask

        Stone Mask