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When students learn to use their CliftonStrengths, they thrive.

To succeed using their CliftonStrengths, students at more than 600 schools use CliftonStrengths for Students access codes.

When students use their CliftonStrengths for Students access codes to complete the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment, they can:

  • access their personalized CliftonStrengths assessment results
  • learn to use their CliftonStrengths results to achieve academic, career and personal success

Whether you’re working with a small group of students on navigating campus life, or instituting department- or campus-wide initiatives, CliftonStrengths for Students access codes unlock students’ ability to learn, develop and succeed using their natural talents.

About CliftonStrengths for Students Access Codes:

  • This product was formerly called StrengthsQuest access codes.
  • You will receive your access code(s) via email.
  • Individual code orders are fulfilled immediately; For group code orders please allow up to one (1) hour for processing and delivery.
  • Access codes are nonrefundable.
  • If you are eligible for the educator discount, the $11.99 discount price is applied to purchases at checkout once you’ve registered with an approved email address ( check eligibility for educator discount).
Included Features

When students redeem a CliftonStrengths for Students access code, they:

  • complete the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment

    • identifies a student’s natural talents, their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
    • 177 paired statements
    • takes 30-60 minutes
  • receive personalized CliftonStrengths results and reports

    • Your Signature Themes Report ( view sample ) presents student’s Signature Themes of talent (top five) and full descriptions
    • Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide ( view sample ) includes personalized CliftonStrengths insights: highly customized descriptions of how a student’s Signatures Themes make them stand out from others with the same themes. This guide also includes questions, action items and examples to help students think about how they can succeed using their CliftonStrengths.
    • Strengths Insight Report ( view sample ) includes a brief overall definition and personalized insights for each of the student’s Signature Themes.
  • access action items and other resources that help them succeed using their CliftonStrengths

    • written by Gallup researchers specifically for students, to help them get the most out of their natural talents
    • suggestions for how to use each of their Signature Themes to succeed
    • includes downloadable guides and resources aimed at helping students understand and use their CliftonStrengths
  • receive a digital copy of the book CliftonStrengths for Students

    • written specifically for students, help them learn, develop and succeed using their natural talents
    • invaluable guide to help students get the most out of their college experience
    • downloadable via .epub and .mobi file types
What Buyers Say

How One University Creates a Strengths-Based Campus:

What Educators Say About the Impact of CliftonStrengths on Their Students:

  • “We embrace the CliftonStrengths program as a foundation for our career advising. We assist students to build on their CliftonStrengths when creating a vision for their lives and careers.”

    ~ Career Adviser, Princeton University

  • “CliftonStrengths has had a major impact on our campus and is currently being utilized in various aspects of student affairs. … The majority of our incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to take the CliftonStrengths assessment. We are constantly tailoring our programming to include CliftonStrengths.”

    ~ Adviser, California State University-Dominguez Hills

  • “It really helps students find their path in life, and their career. It also helps our departments form better teams.”

    ~ Career Services Specialist, Ashford University

Managing Codes
Purchasing CliftonStrengths for Students access codes in bulk gives you and others at your institution administrative access features, including the ability to:

  • distribute access codes via email
  • track and manage access code use
  • view and print assessment results at the group and individual levels

Manage your administrative access via your private dashboard at Your access applies to your user account and your Business Unit Identification (BUID) number(s).

About Your BUID Number(s):

  • Enables Gallup to identify your institution, organization or group.
  • Allows numerous groups from a single school to purchase multiple orders of CliftonStrengths for Students access codes.
  • Allows you to specifically view and manage access codes and assessment results by individual groups.
  • Gallup will ask you to establish a BUID number when you place your first order for access codes and will prompt you to enter it on all future orders tied to that BUID number.
  • Individuals using access codes associated with your specific BUID number must agree to a disclosure statement informing them that you will have access to their results.

For more details and help with administrative access, visit the CliftonStrengths for Students Help Center .