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Verse 1: E
Look at me C#m
You may think you see F#m
Who I really am E B
But you'll never know me E
Every day C#m  D
It's as if I play a part G
Now I see Em
If I wear a mask Am
I can fool the world Cm G
But I cannot fool my heart
Chorus: G Em
Who is that girl I see D C Cm
Staring straight back at me G D Em Am
When will my reflection show Cm G
Who I am inside
Verse 2: E
I am now C#m
In a world where I F#m
Have to hide my heart E B
And what I believe in G
But somehow Em
I will show the world Am
What's inside my heart Cm G
And be loved for who I am
Chorus: G Em
Who is that girl I see D C Cm
Staring straight back at me G D Em Am
Why is my reflection C F D
Someone I don't know G Em
Must I pretend that I'm D C Cm
Someone else for all time G D Em Am
When will my reflection show Cm C
Who I am inside Em Am D
There's a heart that must be free to fly Em Bm Am Cm
That burns with a need to know the reason why G Em
Why must we all conceal D C Cm
What we think how we feel G D Em Am
Must there be a secret me F D
I'm forced to hide G Em
I won't pretend that I'm D C Cm
Someone else for all time G D Em Am
When will my reflection show Cm G
Who I am inside G D Em Am
When will my reflection show Cm G
Who I am inside


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    Christina Aguilera chords


    • Christina Aguilera
    • Key of F . 4.716 views

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    • Key: F

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      This is a good fingerpicking song.

      F#Look at me
      I will D#mnever pass for a G#mperfect bride
      BOr a perfect C#daughter
      F#can it be
      I’m not D#mmeant to play this EpartE7?
      ANow I see
      That if F#mI were truly to Bmbe myself
      DI would break my Dmfamily’s Aheart
      AWho is that F#mgirl I see
      E D Dm(strum once)
      Staring straight back at me
      AWhy is my F#mreflection
      Someone BmI don’t Eknow
      ASomehow I F#mcannot hide
      E D Dm(strum once)
      Who I am though I tried
      AWhen will my reflectioF#mn show
      Bm F#m(strum once)
      Who I am inside
      AWhen will my F#mreflection show
      BmWho I Dam Ainside
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