Havoc Artifact Challenge Xylem Challenge

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Havoc Artifact Challenge

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Комментарий от ChaosJackal

Good guide, maybe a bit brief in cases, but it’s understandable considering there’s room for changes depending on one’s playstyle and ilvl. Only issue I’ve noticed is the health values given; from my own tries and videos I’ve seen, including the one in the guide, Xylem has 160mil health (total of 144mil dmg dealt before phase 2 starts) while the Corrupting Shadows have 91mil, as opposed to the 116 and 84 values of the guide.

Quite helpful overall. Thanks for writing this.

Комментарий от Zennen313

Hello guys!

I completed the Havoc challenge earlier this morning after blood and sweat for many hours. After turning it in and recuperating for a few hours I figured I’d give me 2 cents.

For the first stage I just went normal demonic: 2, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 3 like most others. I had Каскад глаз Раддона and Придаз, величайшее творение Ксаварика . Did nothing different here to anyone else. It’s just a learning fight where it gets easier the more you do it.

For the second stage however, I went with 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 1, 2. Pretty much the standard raiding build, but with Desperate Instincts and Fel Barrage. I also used Придаз, величайшее творение Ксаварика and Ярость исполинов . I opened with pre-pot, meta, nemesis and drums on boss.

At first I tried going the bloodlet spec that most people say you should, but I wasn’t able to kill the adds fast enough. This might be because of low item level and/or the fact that I don’t have Бионические стабилизаторы мо’арга . I also tried demonic, but then I didn’t have enough dps for the boss. However, with this spec I managed to get the adds down very easily and had just enough dps on the boss before Meta ran out during soft enrage.

To conclude:

Race: Night Elf
Class: Havoc Demon Hunter
Item Level: 897
Build: 1st stage Demonic / 2nd stage Raiding Fel Barrage
Legendaries: 1st stage Каскад глаз Раддона and Придаз, величайшее творение Ксаварика + 2nd stage Придаз, величайшее творение Ксаварика and Ярость исполинов
My key: Convergence of Fates <—- This let me get in a second metamorphosis with nemesis to finish off the boss before dying to soft enrage.

Hope this might help someone else with sub-optimal item level and legendaries to complete this challenge! =)


Комментарий от minorpain

This guide was a great start for me, but I had to make a few changes to make it work for me. But definitely thank you for the advice. I also took some notes from Zennen313, so thanks to you too.

It took me about 2 hours to complete. Not as clean as Veene’s up there, but I did manage. My ilvl is 905. I used talents 2,2,2,3,2,2,3 for the first phase, and 2,2,2,3,3,1,3 for the second phase. I used 375 versatility food for the little damage reduction and of course agi flask and augment rune. I had just enough meta at the end of the fight to keep me alive from soft enrage, though admittedly I moved too much at parts in that second part of the fight.

I didn’t have any defensive legendary to use. So I went a little more creative by using a combo of Соприкосновение судеб and Мания величия to get a near 2 minute CD for my meta. I used this mainly for some of the arcane phase portions to allow me to heal up to full, while saving interrupt CD for draw of power.

Below is a link to my kill video to see a slightly different way of doing it. Note, I did forget all about my Imprison, still got it done =p Good luck to all you DHs after this sweet challenge skin!

Комментарий от rihan101

Huge thanks for the guide just done with 901 Ilvl last minutes of the tower monkaS :]]]]]

Комментарий от Slanor

One thing that helped me out a lot on my attempts was moving the boss closer to the center after each Arcane Barrage . He will pause a second or two after casting one before casting the next which allows you to move him a little bit between casts.

Also, getting used to not using Fel Rush (or at most using 1) to rush across during the Arcane Phase because I want both charges up for Arcane -> Ice transition (I did not use the kill guy to stand in bubble method).

Aiming your vengeful Retreat backwards also helps out with the transition / shadow phase, though preferably you will have him close enough to the center (using above method) to avoid needing retreat.

Комментарий от hannibalektr

I have 907 ilvl with stabilizers legendary and anger of the half giants but I do not have the DPS to kill the "darkness within". Every video I watch they use their glaives on the main boss, but if I do that they won’t be up for the darkness within. Not sure how they are killing them with that low of gear unless there is a stat marker you must meet.

Anyone know if there is a stat marker you must meet? Like stacking mastery, haste or versatility some certain way? Cause I would have had this long ago if I could just kill those darkness within (*blue guys that spawn and heal the main boss in stage 3).

None of these ideas here are helping me to kill off the three blue "darkness within" mobs in the last phase. Any help here is appreciated.

Комментарий от TemporalAnarchy

I was talking about this with some people tonight and decided to share my experience from when I did this on my alt.

I was item level 900 with no pieces of tier 19. I used 3323123 as my build, aka standard 5-man Demonic. I originally started with Fel Eruption, but it felt quite mediocre so toward the end I swapped to Momentum. My legendaries were Каскад глаз Раддона and Мания величия with Соприкосновение судеб . I also have two Meta CD relics so my overall CD on Meta ended up in the 80-90 second range.

I used this setup for both phases to play it safe. Had I done a bit more research I’d have known that the Soul Fragments from the adds and Blur would have been enough to sustain me through the last phase and I could have respecced for pure damage. But I didn’t. Whoops.

Комментарий от AshyD

I’m not sure if anyone has done this fight recently, but i cant change my talents when going to the second phase…it seems its been patched. Any advice for completing the second phase without the talent change?

Комментарий от Sift

Just completed and figured I’d share what tips I have. Maybe "tips" isn’t the greatest description of the knowledge I have to impart, howabout "experiences".
Item level 905 with Придаз, величайшее творение Ксаварика and Каскад глаз Раддона . Didn’t have any other legendaries so thats what I used for both phase 1 and two. These legendaries make the first phase into a cakewalk.
I used the talents listed in the guide above, no changes.

– Move the boss when you can. Move him when you silence him in frost phase, closer to the center, and move him in-between each cast of Чародейский обстрел especially right after he uses Похищение энергии . This made it so much easier to just double fel rush to him when he blinks.

– With my gear, I very rarely had to use Fel Eruption, but while I considered changing it, it was very very useful for if I randomly got really low, or I messed up and came up short dashing to him when he shimmers. Its almost an instant kill on his mirror images and gives a nice safety net for that phase.

– Not sure this is really a tip for if you’re struggling, but as my trouble was with phase 2, I just wanted to get through phase 1 as quickly as possible. So I would prepot, meta at start, and after he razor iced, I’d interrupt-position him close to the ice, and then Eye Beam him and the ice. With Raddon’s, This would cut a lot of the time of Eye beam before the Feast of souls artifact trait. It also added 8 seconds to my metamorphosis. I’d continue to do this each razor ice and basically get chaos strikes non stop and be able to Eye beam after eye beam and have ridiculous uptime on meta during frost phases. Eye Beam during Meta only adds to the duration if you actually used the Meta cooldown, so after that first time, just Eye Beam, damage, wait for meta to wear off and then eye beam again. Walk through those purple beams and pick up fury and health and keep chaos striking. Its probably overkill but w/e.

Like I said, my problem was with phase 2. I seriously lacked crit on my gear and didn’t have any lego rings or bracers, shoulders/convergence to make up for it so I really lacked damage for both adds and boss, and felt like I couldn’t switch to fel barrage because I wouldn’t finish the boss without the damage from Chaos Blades.

Not sure how effective my phase 2 strat really is, I might have just gotten lucky, but I’ll share with you just in case you’re desperate like me.

So when boss spawns, I prepot but don’t use anything else. My prydaz would soak his damage as I kite him to the outer ring, using Blur if prdyaz dropped off, and just dps. When he starts channeling for adds, I’d get distance stun AOE, glaive, etc when they spawn, and then I’d focus the leading one with chaos strike, and as its about to die, I’d nemesis it. Doing that would get me the +25% damage towards elementals buff for the next 58 seconds or so. This helped me kill the other adds and then I’d pop drums, meta, chaos blades, pot on boss and proceed to tear him apart. By the time second adds came up, I’d still have a few seconds on my Nemesis buff for my AOE combo and I’d finish the adds much quicker, and by the time third group of adds came around, nemesis would be up again. And chaos blades would be up right after that, helping me finish the boss.

This cluster^&*! of a strat seemed to help me, maybe it will be of some use to someone else out there. GLHF

Комментарий от flawlezzcho

Guys, what are the prerequisites for the quest? I go to the quest giver, but she doesn’t have anything for me even when the Mage tower is up. Any suggestions?

Комментарий от Booyerz

As of today I have beaten the scenario with using single target talents of middle middle middle left right left left. Using the legendaries of Delusions of Granduer and Anger of the Half-Giants.

the only reason for living through the fight is my ilevel burst without hero got me to 25% before shadows started to happen and I had Reliquary of souls, believe it or not it can soak 3 of the ice bolts and or arcane bolts.

by the time I entered phase 3 I had reset my metamorphosis and had drums and potion ready.
I only had to kill 1 set of adds after chaos nova’ing them.

so yea you can beat it using the normal single target burst spec with sufficient legondaries. but you gotta be over 936 ilevel with a tanking trinket

Комментарий от othman7850

If you are a Belf you can time Arcane Torrent right before he teleport, it will cancel the ability

Комментарий от maestromato

I beat Xylem this morning ilvl 915 using only the vengeance legendary cloak. I used the recommended builds from this guide except phase 2 I used Fel Barage.

Phase 1 is easy once you get used to the transitions. Phase 2 I had to use Fel Barage for killing the adds. I was so close to wiping phase 2. I survived 4 add spawns, at that point the platform was covered. I used Blur and Darkness, double jump glided down while using Fel Barage and Throw Glaives for his last 1% health. It was pretty epic!

Комментарий от omzke

Might be useful for people that had issues (like me because I play on low graphics)

I was not able to see the "corruption on the floor" and died on last phase for that reason.
After changing my graphic settings a lot the solution was to switch Dx9 to Dx11.
As soon as I did it I was able to see the affected floor.

TLDR: Make sure you have selected Dx11 and not Dx9 as your API for this challenge.

Комментарий от QwxJ

Just completed it today after about 20 tries, never tried it before. I was 934 ilevel, with artifact lvl 67 (so no 2 trait relics unlocked). I didn’t have any set bonuses or any havoc legendaries (mained veng all exp instead) and had to do with Insignia of the Grand Army and Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn. My second trinket was a fierce gladiator one.

The spec in the guide didn’t work for me. I could rarely get Xylem down below 50% in the first frost phase, which meant two transition phases, and those were the ones that killed me the most. What ended up working was taking Felblade-Demonic Apetite-First Blood-Soul Rending-Nemesis-Demon Reborn-Demonic. I also swapped the potion to potion of prolonged power.

Some tips I can give from what I learned while attempting it.

-Open with pre-pot when the message appears that Xylem is channeling the iris. Shift into meta and pop nemesis and drums. As an opener, go fury of the ilidari-felblade-demon’s bite-felblade then dump fury with blade dance and chaos strike. I open with felblade as the first demon’s bite afterwards is almost always a reset and that gives you a sizeable resource pool to dump. Interrupt frostbolt ASAP, as we need to time it for later.

-Crystal Phases go just like the guide says – wait for the stun to wear off, Chaos Nova, Double Jump-Glide out and Fel Rush over. At this point, continue to DPS and interrupt whenever possible. After the first crystal phase you should still have meta active. When it ends, trigger demonic.

-Xylem does a total of 3 crystal phases. After the second and third, pop Demonic instantly when you reach him. It is also important to have an interrupt ready for after the third crystal phase. When you interrupt him at that point, make sure to kite him a bit towards the center of the room, which helps immensely with the next transition.

-By the end of the third crystal phase, your pot should have come off-cd. Save it for after the mirror images.

-After 3 crystal phases pass and you smack him a bit more, the mirror images phase begins. If you had him close to the center, you’re in luck. Xylem almost always teleports to the opposite side of the room from where you stand. Being close to the center allows you to quickly Vengeful Retreat and double rush to his location. If feeling unsure, pop Blur here. Another important thing is that fel rushing through Xylem also ends the phase.

-Arcane phase comes down to sustain and mobility. Arcane Barrage deals a hefy amount of damage, but should be left uninterrupted. When you get to Xylem from the transition. pop the second pot and Demonic. Only interrupt draw power. Usage of Imprison helps greatly if you’re running low on health and eye beam is still on cooldown. When he starts channeling Shadow Barrage, keep as close to him as possible while side-stepping the orbs – they deal a lot of damage and knock you back. After Xylem attempts to draw power twice, the next time will be Mirror Image transition. With enough DPS, it is completely possible to push him into second phase before that.

-Shadow phase goes by almost exactly as the guide says, but I used Fel barrage instead of Chaos Blades. When you drop out of combat for the transition, change talents and heal up with some food. Once the phase starts, you should have Nemesis off cooldown and a potion ready. Pre-again and go ham, just keep an eye out for when the pool underneath spawns. Kite the boss around the edge of the room, its hit box is much larger than you think.

-When he starts channeling Seed of Darkness on you, Fel Rush away about a quarter of the room. As soon as the adds spawn, throw glaive into Fel Barrage into Throw Glaive. If any are left alive, they should have very low health and will drop from almost any ability.

-The second phase is by far much easier, as long as you kite the boss slowly. Just stick to the outside, and sidestep a bit between attacks. Save Fel Barrage and Throw Glaive for the adds. The shadow doesnt hit hard at all, so this phase is just a DPS check.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your flaming glaives. Now to find a pug for Heroic KJ.

Комментарий от Reddale77

I must say that I tried everything here and nothing was working quite right. For those frustrated, keep on it. I found the two things that helped me the most was using through the entire fight demonic, master of glance and nemesis. I read one post somewhere where someone opt for nemesis as an option and that’s what helped me out. I felt like demonic was huge for the extra heals and aoe msg at the end once the void walkers spawn and you glaive them.

Good luck!

Комментарий от AnesidoraDH

Okay not only did I kill the Magister once for myself…but I also downed it again for my Hubby! When I finally managed to down this bad boy the first time it took me about 1 hour and 10 minutes…After failing about 15 times. The second attempt took me 5 tries and about 20 minutes (Hubby has ilvl 922, and I popped Metamorphosis at the start to give him a little dps push). This is the first time he has EVER needed my help. It’s usually the other way around 😛 BTW I highly suggest doing the quest in Silithus to unlock everything on your legendary weapon and also using all of the relic traits on your weapon…this is very helpful and will boost your dps! Once all the traits were unlocked on my legendary weapon, it was not as hard as before. I have a 934 ilvl and I used the following traits and boosts:
Слепая ярость
Демонический аппетит
Первая кровь
Раздирание души
Заклятый враг
Мастер боевого клинка

1) Оскверненная руна усиления (Up at all times)
2) Настой седьмого демона (Up at all times)
3) Голодный магистр (Up at all times) Haste Food works also
4) Барабаны неистовства (Save for the Last phase)
5) Зелье длительной силы (Save for the Last phase)
6) Health potion wouldn’t hurt in case you get in a bind.
For Legendaries I used the head piece Каскад глаз Раддона and the ring Знак отличия Армии Света

This was by far the best set up for me. The arcane phase was always the worst for me because DBM Challenges was counting down some of the wrong abilities *sad face*. However, despite that mix up I highly suggest you download that add-on because it lets you know what the boss will be casting in the first phase and really helped me get used to the mechanics of the fight.

***Side note: When the boss casts Shadow Barrage I eventually said screw it and moved out of the way completely, as in to the left of the direction he was facing (I really sucked at this short phase). Also, when the boss casts Arcane Annihilation you can see where he will teleport to before the dot appears on the mini-map by looking for a swirl of sparkles on the platform (this is him!)

The last phase was pretty easy once I got there. Pop all your cool downs! This is a DPS race. I managed to down the boss once I got to the last phase and I had the boss down to 2% when he spawned more adds *sad face*. IF THIS HAPPENS TO ANYONE…ignore boss and kill adds because killing the adds killed the remaining life on the boss and yeah..easy peasy!
There is a great video guide that I watched over and over until I understood what I was doing wrong. Search "Havoc Demon Hunter Mage Tower: Guide and Commentary" on Youtube by Ridmark Gaming. This will break it down for you step by step. I used this guide and I managed it with no problem. Best of luck to you all! You got this!

Комментарий от Kagekura

Honestly, this is a really good and helpful guide. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the legendaries listed and I’m too lazy to go get the potions and such, but with the Speaker’s Call quest completed and following the guide’s talent suggestions. I finally managed to complete this stupid thing. I always managed to die at the final phase but with Master of the Glaive and all the AOE I have to burn down the 3 voidwalkers that spawn (they are pretty easy kills but the faster you kill them the better), I actually managed to win finally ^_^……. now to unlock the other colors -.-

I will say, bring a tome at least so you are able to switch your talents up for the last part, it helps A LOT.

Комментарий от Jbishhh

Bah.. Why does the best appearance have to require RBG wins.. so lame.

Комментарий от silverage

I finally did it after wiping 7 times on the arcane phase with the mirror images.
I chose Заклятый враг and Демоническое перерождение talents for maximum damage during the Xylem phase so that i wouldn’t have to do 2 Arcane phases.
I also brought a couple healing potions with me and they saved me when i failed to get in the bubble during the arcane phase.

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