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Chem Test Ten (Surface Tension, Etc)



What is the difference between evaporation and boiling?
Evaporation only occurs at the surface and below the boiling point
What is the relationship between boiling point, vapor pressure and atmospheric pressure?
Boils when atmospheric pressure equals vapor pressure
Why can liquid-vapor equilibrium only occur in a closed container?
Molecules cannot escape. Rate of evaporation equals rate of condensation
Why does water remain at 100C while boiling?
Energy is being used to break IMF
When a gas condenses heat is
In surface tension, _____ is stronger than _____
cohesive, adhesive
Water rolling off a raincoat is an example of
Surface Tension
Paper towels soaking up a drink is an example of
capillary action
Water will rise in a _____ tube
A _____ meniscus forms when cohesion is stronger than adhesion
51 terms
chapter 8
54 terms
chapter 8 and 13
47 terms
Chapter 14- liquids and solids
47 terms
Chapter 10- Liquids and Solids
31 terms
Raisin in the Sun Vocab
5 terms
APES Chapter 10- Hunger and Malnutrition
4 terms
APES Chapter 10 – Erosion Reduction Methods
10 terms
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