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New Uri Geller Museum.
JFK Declassified
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The Uri Geller Museum.

New Uri Geller Museum in Old Jaffa with the largest bent metal spoon in the world

The new Uri Geller museum in Old Jaffa, is currently being developed. Click the images below to see the photo album.

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Ottoman Era Soap Factory Discovered at Uri Geller Museum

An incredible discovery was recently made during the development of the new Uri Geller Museum. 
As rewiring work was taking place in the building in Old Jaffa, which is one of the most ancient buildings in Tel Aviv, a large chamber was discovered, and investigated by the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA), who discovered a masbena, or soap factory, dating back to the Ottoman…

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Uri Geller  The Law of Reality

In this video series, Uri explains his vision of what the Law of Attraction really is, and how to use it to change your life! 

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The CIA Release Secret Files on Uri Geller. As Reported by Worldwide Media

The CIA have released a large volume of data, including previously secret documents about the tests that were performed on Uri Geller. 
The CIA concluded that Uri “demonstrated his paranormal perception ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”
Below is a snippet of some of…

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Uri Geller Further Recognition

Uri Geller Receives Further Recognition For His ‘Powers’

ILTV discuss the findings of CIA testing of Uri Geller.

Israeli Psychic Uri Geller Receives Further Recognition For His ‘Powers’ from

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Uri Geller Ynet News,

CIA files: Uri Geller has real powers

Following a CIA document dump, it is revealed that the CIA experimented with Uri Geller’s psychic abilities, and discovered that he is ‘unequivocally’ psychic; more to be released soon.

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Uri Geller Discusses Investigation Into JFK Assassination.

With the release of previously classified documents relating to the JFK assassination, Uri Geller discusses his involvement in the investigation for the first time in nearly 50 years. Click here for the original facebook release.
Below is some of the recent media coverage of Uri’s…

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MI5 and Uri Gellers Secret Mission to Britain.

MI5 and Uri Geller’s Secret Mission to Britain. Front Page, Daily Telegraph.

MI5, Dimbleby, and Uri Geller’s Secret Mission to Britain.
On the Front Page of the Daily Telegraph

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Turning off Lamp Posts with Mind Power.

Turning off a Lamp Post with Mind Power

Is it really possible to turn off a street light with mind power?
Watch the videos below of Uri Geller using mind power to turn off street lights, and decide for yourself if you believe. 
This is a phenomenon known as SLI “street light interference” which is something currently being studied. Uri isn’t the only person who appears to have this effect on…

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Uri Geller on Brain Hacker.

Uri Geller Performing Live Telekinesis

Uri Geller appears as a mystery guest with Keith Barry on the Irish TV Show Brain Hacker, and performs telekinesis live in the lab.
TV host Keith Barry surprises Uri by asking him to go into a prepared lab during the live interview, and demonstrate how Uri was able to move the ball during Euro 96 which led to  Gary McAllister missing the crucial penalty against England. Uri…

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