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The Powers of the President

Quiz on 3/21/12



What are the 5 Presidential Powers?
1.) Executive powers
2.) Diplomatic powers
3.) Military powers
4.) Legislative powers
5.) Judicial powers
What are the Executive Powers?
1.) Executive order
2.) Appointment power
3.) Removal power
Define Executive order:
An executive order is a directive, rule, or regulation issued by the president and has the force of law.
President Obama Executive order 13491 did what?
Ensured Lawful Interrogations- Jan. 22, 2009
President Lyndon Johnson issued an executive order in 1965 to do what?
to establish affirmative action
President Harry Truman Executive order 9981 to do what?
To desegregate the military 1948.
President Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order during WWII to do what?
To ration gasoline
Who can the President appoint with the Appointment Power?
(1) ambassadors and other diplomats;
(2) Cabinet members and their top aides;
(3) the heads of such independent agencies as the EPA and NASA;
(4) all federal judges, attorneys, and U.S. marshals;
(5) all officers in the armed forces.
What can the President do with the Removal Power?
As a general rule, a president may remove those whom the president appoints. (Federal judges may not be removed by the president.) In most cases the president needs no reason; in others, the president must show cause.
Which American citizen of Japanese descent, refused to leave military area no.1. he was arrested and convicted. On appeal, his case went to the Supreme Court?
Fred Korematsu
What are the diplomatic powers?
1.) To make treaties (with the advice and consent of the senate)
2.) Executive Agreements (without advice and consent of Senate)
3.) Power of Recognition (includes declaring "Persona Non Grata")
What are the Military Powers?
The president has the power to formulate and direct military strategy and actions in times of war and peace.
What was the last declaration of war made by Congress?
What is an example of Congress enacting Joint Resolutions to authorize the use of military force?
The gulf of Tonkin resolution in 1964
Explain the War powers resolution of 1973?
(1) The president may send troops where needed but only for 60 days (30 more days for a safe evac.)
(2) The president must notify congress within 48 hours of committing troops
(3) Congress may end the combat commitment with a concurrent resolution.
What are the Legislative Powers?
1.) Recommend legislation
2.) Sign or veto a bill
3.) Call congress into a special session
Who last called Congress into a special session? When?
President Truman in 1948
What are the Judicial Powers?
1.) Reprieve (postponement of a federal sentence)
2.) Commutation (reduction of a federal sentence)
3.) Pardon (legal forgiveness of a federal crime)
Which two Presidents have given the most Presidential pardons? and how many?
1.) Franklin Roosevelt gave 3687
2.) Woodrow Wilson gave 2480
Which two Presidents did not give any pardons?
William Harrison and James Garfield.
President Gerald Ford granted former president Richard Nixon an absolute pardon from what?
Any crime he may have committed between January 20,1969 and August 9,1974
What is Amnesty?
A pardon to a group of law violators
To who did President Carter grant Amnesty to?
Vietnam draft evaders.
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