• Emily

    Emily on Mar, 12 2012

    Sooooooo hoottttt


  • Michele

    Michele on Dec, 26 2012

    “Straight ahead. Never turn around. Dont back up. Dont back down” thats the only way i know-jason aldean, luke bryan, eric church <3


  • Noriel

    Noriel on Dec, 28 2012

    Dig a ‘lil deeper when you think you can’t dig no more, that’s the only way I know. -Jason Aldean


  • Annabell

    Annabell on Dec, 28 2012

    Neither is Jason aldean. He’s a queer bag with a circle k hillbilly hat and has faggot ass ear rings. And on top of that he tried to rap!


  • Cyndy

    Cyndy on Dec, 29 2012

    When Jason Aldean, Luke Brian, and Eric Church get together to make a song… you know its going to be good


  • Erna

    Erna on Dec, 30 2012

    Okay. I feel bad. I’m sorry for making Jason Aldean jokes. Will you be my bestfriend again, please?


  • Julieanne

    Julieanne on Mar, 27 2013

    Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, & Kenny Chesney minus Kenny Chesney


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