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  • Hyunmin

    Hyunmin on Dec, 25 2012

    I love that song,”not over you” by Gavin Degraw.I wish I could just run to you like she did in the video and make everything how they were.


  • Lewissa

    Lewissa on Dec, 26 2012

    Hold on, there’s more… ONE DIRECTIONS LATEST ALBUM.. yes, I went there :P Jason Walker & Gavin DeGraw <3


  • San Vey

    San Vey on Dec, 28 2012

    That’s why I never meant to be this close, loving gavin degraw wow <3


  • Keon

    Keon on Dec, 29 2012

    Listening to Gavin DeGraw’s “Soldier” while sitting in bed…….so tempted to sing along……but Liz is gonna yell at me…… :(


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