• Milton

    Milton on Dec, 26 2012

    I can always listen to Stan – Eminem & NEVER get tired of it.


  • Bradly

    Bradly on Dec, 28 2012

    Ugh Eminem is so mad all the time and it’s so hot and sexy like hot damn babe get that Slim ass over here and let’s do some Shady shit.


  • Kohan

    Kohan on Dec, 30 2012

    Eminem takeover, why couldn’t he rap the same as he did back then and not disappear


  • Clara

    Clara on Feb, 5 2013

    Any white rapper who can find success gets props from me! cause White rappers have been living in Eminem’s shadow for quite some time


  • Wyatt

    Wyatt on Feb, 11 2013

    lmaoo eminem’s imagination is crazy, wtf was he thinkin when he wrote “As the World Turns”


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