• Don Miller

    Don Miller on Jan, 20 2012

    Brantley is awesome.. love his music and his looks… He is the bomb…


  • tiffany Conway

    tiffany Conway on Feb, 10 2012



  • visit here

    visit here on Apr, 4 2012

    This is the exact info i needed. Thanks buddy


  • Letty

    Letty on Dec, 26 2012

    haha Brantley Gilbert and Kip Moore are coming to WVU in Feb! I want to go but can’t find anyone that can go


  • Davinder

    Davinder on Dec, 26 2012

    i got all 5 seasons of the big bang theory and i got a brantley gilbert CD :) so it was amazing


  • Madai

    Madai on Dec, 27 2012

    The only reason I am getting outta bed is to make some new cd’s! Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore :))


  • Karissa

    Karissa on Dec, 28 2012

    Mom told me she would buy me a ticket to a Brantley Gilbert concert. But she’s not going cause she doesn’t like them. Is she fucking high?


  • Kylee

    Kylee on Dec, 28 2012

    You promised by Brantley Gilbert >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • Syerra

    Syerra on Dec, 29 2012

    She’s too cute to get on my last nerve, the way she throws her little fits. Poking out her little lip <3gilbert


  • Macey

    Macey on Dec, 30 2012

    To the people im facebook friends with get on my timeline and watch my cover of fall into me by brantley gilbert!!


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