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Sunday, Dec 2nd 2018

5-Day Forecast

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‘People think I’m a burns victim’: Teenager’s agony over rare skin condition that means she can’t close her eyes or grow hair

  • Hunter Steinitz, 18, has the genetic condition harlequin ichthyosis
  • It causes her skin to become thickened and dry all over her body
  • She cannot close her eyes, wears a wig, and is in danger of dehydration
  • The condition means her skin doesn’t contain fatty moisture between the skin cells


Emma Innes

11:29 GMT, 23 July 2013

19:04 GMT, 24 July 2013

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A teenager has a rare condition that has left her skin so damaged that many people believe she has been involved in a fire.

Hunter Steinitz, 18, has a rare genetic condition, harlequin ichthyosis, which means her skin is too thick and she has dry patches all over the body.

She is unable to close her eyes, wears a wig because her hair follicles are blocked by skin, and is in constant danger of dehydrating because she cannot sweat.

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Hunter Steinitz, 18, has a rare genetic condition, harlequin ichthyosis, which means her skin is too thick and she has dry patches all over the body

Hunter Steinitz, 18, has a rare genetic condition, harlequin ichthyosis, which means her skin is too thick and she has dry patches all over the body

Hunter Steinitz, 18, has a rare genetic condition, harlequin ichthyosis, which means her skin is too thick and she has dry patches all over the body

The condition also limits Hunter’s movements – the thick skin stops her from flexing her fingers.

In the past, many patients with harlequin ichthyosis did not survive their first year, because they miss vital fats in the skin which protect against bacteria and contaminants.

‘My skin doesn’t contain any of the fatty moisture everyone else has between their skin cells, like mortar between bricks in houses,’ said Hunter, from Pittsburgh, in the United States. ‘All I have is the bricks.’


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Today, increasing awareness of ways to manage the skin condition is helping people like Hunter live for longer.

With advice from doctors, Hunter begins every day with a long beauty session.

Hunter (pictured with her father, Mark) is unable to close her eyes, wears a wig because her hair follicles are blocked by skin, and is in constant danger of dehydrating because she cannot sweat

Hunter (pictured with her father, Mark) is unable to close her eyes, wears a wig because her hair follicles are blocked by skin, and is in constant danger of dehydrating because she cannot sweat

Hunter (pictured with her father, Mark) is unable to close her eyes, wears a wig because her hair follicles are blocked by skin, and is in constant danger of dehydrating because she cannot sweat

The condition also limits Hunter's movements. For example, her thickened skin stops her from flexing her fingers

The condition also limits Hunter's movements. For example, her thickened skin stops her from flexing her fingers

The condition also limits Hunter’s movements. For example, her thickened skin stops her from flexing her fingers

She takes a long bath – sometimes lasting two hours – soaking as much moisture into her skin as possible.


Harlequin ichthyosis is a rare and severe inherited skin condition.

It is caused by a mutation in the ABCA12 gene which is thought to be involved in the transport of fats into the spaces between the skin cells.

About five children are born with it in the UK every year, some of which may be stillborn.

Babies with the condition tend to be born prematurely and are usually small.

The condition causes the skin to be tight, thick and dry.

It can split causing deep cracks and the condition causes the face to look stretched.

There is no cure for it and it cannot be prevented.

Treatment usually involves a careful skin-care regime.

Then she applies a range of lotions and oils, which she gently rubs in to lock in the moisture, reapplying throughout the day.

‘Growing up has been very difficult,’ she said. ‘Gym class was the worst. You’re forced to be in physical contact with one another, and people hated me touching them.

‘A lot of the time the teachers wouldn’t do anything because they don’t know how to react.’

To stop the bullying, Hunter often took the initiative.

‘I would walk around to every single classroom in the building and say: “Hey, listen, I’m Hunter, I have this condition, you can’t catch it”.’

While the move earned her some valuable friends, it did little to stop the name calling.

‘That feeling of anxiety would start as soon as I saw the school bus coming around the corner in the morning,’ she said.

‘They would play a game where they took something from someone’s desk and dropped it near me.

‘They’d ask me to pick it up for them and the person would refuse to take it back because I’d touched it.’

But her father, Mark, 58, a restaurant worker, and her mother Patti, who died from cancer two years ago, encouraged her to stand up for herself.

In the past, many patients with harlequin ichthyosis did not survive their first year, because they miss vital fats in the skin which protect against bacteria and contaminants

In the past, many patients with harlequin ichthyosis did not survive their first year, because they miss vital fats in the skin which protect against bacteria and contaminants

In the past, many patients with harlequin ichthyosis did not survive their first year, because they miss vital fats in the skin which protect against bacteria and contaminants

Hunter and Mark Steinitz

Hunter and Mark Steinitz

Hunter Steinitz

Hunter Steinitz

Hunter (pictured left with her father, Mark) is now giving speeches at universities and to schoolchildren to educate people about what it means to live with a serious skin condition

‘Patti would tell her it was her job to educate people,’ said Mark. ‘I would just tell her to live one day at a time, and look forward to the day when people around her were older and would understand.’

Finally, Hunter began to love her body, realising it made her unique and helped her to be stronger.

‘I realised I’d be a totally different person without it,’ she said. ‘My family would be different people.

‘I wouldn’t have the same friends – the really special ones who stuck by me through everything.

‘I owe everything about my life to the disorder.’

When Hunter was at school she was bullied because of the skin condition but she says that she has now learnt to love her body because it makes her who she is

When Hunter was at school she was bullied because of the skin condition but she says that she has now learnt to love her body because it makes her who she is

When Hunter was at school she was bullied because of the skin condition but she says that she has now learnt to love her body because it makes her who she is

Hunter is going to university in September and is becoming a spokeswoman for her disorder.

Working with the FIRST foundation she’s started giving motivational talks at universities and to schoolchildren.

She said: ‘One of the hardest things about living with Harlequin is people’s reactions.

‘Harlequin gives us such a jarring appearance and people are so shocked, they don’t know what to do.

‘We’re trying to teach people that they can’t catch it, we’re not contagious. It’s OK to be different, and it’s OK for people not to fit the norm.’

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Teenager Hunter Steinitz’s agony over rare skin condition harlequin ichthyosis

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    Her best advert for her swimwear

  • Simon Cowell reveals plans to bring back Celebrity X Factor… 12 years after calling the one-off series ‘pointless’

    Change of heart

  • Strictly’s Lauren Steadman reveals dancing with AJ Pritchard has made her feel ‘sexy’ for the first time after battling body confidence issues


  • Alessandra Ambrosio showcases her amazingly trim figure in tiny crimson bikini while on vacation in Mexico

    Fantastic and fun

  • Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin have VERY awkward cameo in cringe-worthy chat with James McAvoy

  • Mark Wright shows his stunning sister Jess and their family around Los Angeles… as Michelle Keegan films Brassic in Manchester

    Family outing 

  • Chrissy Teigen celebrates turning 33 on a luxury family holiday in Cabo with John Legend

    She rang in her 33rd birthday this Friday

  • Love Island’s Georgia Steel looks sensational in a corset-style jumper dress and racy thigh boots for night out

    Georgia Steel looked incredible 

  • Seann Walsh seen for the first time since ‘being BANNED from the Strictly live tour after Katya Jones kiss scandal’


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  • Strictly star Dr Ranj says his decision to dump his wife and come out as gay was ‘the most difficult time of his life’ 

    ‘Nothing but respect’ for his ex-wife

  • Christine McGuinness shows off her eye-popping assets in a racy low-cut khaki dress for beauty launch

    Looked absolutely incredible

  • Laura Anderson looks incredible in a cream coat as she attends a star-studded festive London Eye experience alongside Kate Silverton

  • Cindy Crawford squeezes her slender 5ft9 supermodel frame into a suitcase

    Bundled herself into her luggage, in a humorous Instagram post

  • Cardi B rants about how expensive it is to be a woman… as she reveals she spends $1,000 a shot on hair and nails alone


  •  Bella Hadid and David Beckham look VERY formal as they sit in the front row at the Dior Homme show in Tokyo… months after that giddy meeting in Paris 

  • Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next music video sets new YouTube Premieres record with 829,000 people watching live debut


  • I’m A Celebrity: Fans call for Holly Willoughby to RETURN next year with Ant and Dec… after she is slammed for ‘dressing like a cocktail waitress’

  • Kylie Jenner flaunts sliver of her toned abs under leather trench… after park jaunt with daughter Stormi

    Not shy when it comes to showing off her physique

  • Kendall Jenner looks edgy in lacy top and PVC leggings as she joins rumoured beau Ben Simmons’ mother at his basketball game in Philadelphia

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  • Ex On The Beach star Kayleigh Morris showcases her ample assets and hourglass curves  in skimpy pink bikini as she hits the beach in Cape Verde

  • X Factor: Simon Cowell changes show rules so that NO ONE is eliminated on Saturday… as duets are announced for Dalton Harris, Anthony Russell and Scarlett Lee

  • Mariah Carey shares sweet snap of twins Monroe and Moroccan writing letters to Santa Claus

    All I Want For Christmas Is You

  • I’m A Celeb: Harry Redknapp clashes with Nick Knowles during heated row as former football manager claims that ALL of the campmates are there to win

  • Liam Payne, 25, cuts a dapper figure in tan overcoat as he steps out in London… after commenting ‘wow’ on Kourtney Kardashian’s lingerie Instagram snap

  • Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s love story timeline: From sliding into her DMs to going down on one knee the moment they met… and how she didn’t accept his proposal for 45 seconds

  • She’s no wedding singer! Norah Jones reveals the personal reason behind her decision to avoid performing for loved-up newlyweds

  • Furious Duchess of Cambridge ‘fell out with Meghan Markle before the royal wedding after the former actress “b*****ked” a member of her staff’

  • Strictly Come Dancing: Head judge Shirley Ballas goes make-up free as she joins pro dancer Janette Manrara ahead of Musicals-themed quarter-final

  • Ronaldo ‘admitted his rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga said no multiple times and he apologised after they had sex’, leaked legal documents allege

  • Jack Nicholson cuts a relaxed figure as Lionel Richie puts on a VERY animated display at star-studded Lakers game in Los Angeles


  • Artfully glamourous! A-listers including Poppy Delevingne, Natalie Portman and Troye Sivan lead the arrivals at the NGV Gala in Melbourne

  • Serena Williams looks chic in black dress as she joins glamorous pals Eva Longoria and Nicole Scherzinger at the tennis ace’s pop-up shop in LA

  • Lily Allen cuts a casual figure in quilted jacket and baggy jeans as she grabs coffee in London… after revealing she hasn’t spoken to her dad since her memoir was published

  • Iskra Lawrence flaunts her hourglass curves in a lime green bikini on Miami Beach… as she’s spotted holding hands with mystery male companion

  • Kate Beckinsale covers up her skimpy gym gear with a chunky cardigan after getting into a minor fender bender in Los Angeles


  • Michelle Williams shows off her acting skills as she takes to Broadway stage in Once on This Island… after previously speaking out about mental health battle

  • Vicky Pattison is supported by her mum at charity gala… after admitting she’s ‘cried every day’ since split from fiancé

    It’s heartbreaking

  • Kris Jenner nails it as Regina George’s VERY pushy mom in Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next music video

    She’s a self-confessed “cool” mum

  • Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson deny rumours they’re ENGAGED after cryptic posts about being ‘happier than ever’

  • ‘We’re set in our ways’: Jennifer Lopez says she and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez ‘butt heads’ as they are both ‘alpha’ personalities …but continues to fuel engagement speculation

  • Dwayne Johnson reacts to John Krasinski sending him a nude photo from his personal gym where he got ‘intimate sweat’ on the equipment

  • Jennifer Garner is delighted by Ariana Grande’s send-up of 13 Going On 30 as she says it ‘just brightens your day’


  • How Emily Blunt conquered her fear of flying to film Mary Poppins Returns

    Emily Blunt conquered her fears while filming Mary Poppins Returns.

  • Katie Holmes is all smiles as she films new scenes for her movie The Secret in New Orleans… amid reports she is plotting a Paris wedding to Jamie Foxx

  • Josh Brolin brings daughter Westlyn to wife Kathryn’s pop-up in Malibu in FIRST sighting as family

    The duo’s beloved baby girl 

  • Richard Madden reveals he was ‘constantly humiliated’ as a child actor after being bullied for his roles and his 38inch waist

  • Ariana Grande asked her dancers to ‘make everybody feel safe’ in eerie prediction of a disaster three months before Manchester bombing

  • Strictly star is UNRECOGNISABLE as she is covered in bandages for a facial… so can YOU guess who it is?

    She was eliminated 

  • Paris Jackson fires back at ‘disgusting’ report claiming her ‘family is worried about her doing drugs’ as she insists ‘not one word in it is true’

  • ‘He was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for’: George W. Bush and brother Jeb lead the tributes to their father after his death

  • Katie Price braves the cold in jumper dress with children Bunny and Jett… after beau Kris Boyson questioned her very racy attire in My Crazy Life

  • Kim Kardashian is casual cool in athleisure with heels while joined by Kris Jenner in Clueless-inspired outfit while filming KUWTK

    On trend as ever

  • Epitome of elegance! Actress Natalie Portman graces the red carpet of the National Gallery of Victoria’s annual gala in a stunning dusty pink gown

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals why she and Michael Douglas raised their kids away ‘from crazy world of Hollywood’

    Fun family life

  • Hilary Duff shares sweet photo of baby Banks before enjoying night out with boyfriend Matthew Koma

    Shared a photo of the adorable newborn 

  • I’m A Celebrity: Holly Willoughby can’t hide her disgust as Noel Edmonds BURPS in her face… two years after he branded her ‘aggressive and disrespectful’

  • I’m A Celebrity’s ‘isolated’ jungle camp is based just ‘FIVE MINUTES’ from the nearest town… but contestants still used helicopters to get there 

  • Kid Rock gets booted from grand marshal gig at Nashville Christmas parade after calling The View’s Joy Behar a ‘b***h’ while being interviewed on Fox and Friends

  • Livin’ On A Prayer! Jon Bon Jovi, 56, storms the Melbourne stage as he debuts his highly-anticipated This House Is Not For Sale Australian tour

  • Tyra Banks responds to Winnie Harlow’s shade about America’s Next Top Model: ‘I discovered her on Instagram’

    Hitting backl

  • Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon are every inch the coordinated couple as they dress in matching black for Billy Idol’s birthday bash in LA

  • Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next music video parody gets gushing approval from Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner


  • Kim Kardashian says Kanye’s private Boeing 747 flight was ‘unnecessary and extravagant’…but doesn’t expect people to ‘understand’ their lifestyle

  • Hailey Baldwin flashes her flat stomach in crop top with white leggings after yoga in Los Angeles

    Keeping up her fitness at yoga

  • Thor Blimey! Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky buy a $4.3 million beachside pad in Byron Bay to live in as their $8 million mega-mansion nears completion

  • Joe Jonas and fiancee Sophie Turner take pointers from Nick and Priyanka’s upcoming wedding as they are set to marry in France next summer

  • Dawn French, 61, reveals she’s named her breasts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly because one is smaller than the other (just like the presenters)

  • ‘It motivated me to keep pushing for change’: Troye Sivan reveals the impact working on Boy Erased had as he continues his work with a US-based LGBT charity

  • Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner react to mom Kris Jenner’s cameo in Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next video

    Fun times

  • Ariana Grande reunites with Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies for Thank U, Next music video

    The former castmates reunited

  • EXCLUSIVE ‘It took change in our industry to recognise her force’: Robyn Lawley heaps praise on curvy model Ashley Graham

  • Camila Cabello dazzles in a glittering black jumpsuit during energetic performance at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball


  • Lady Gaga blasts unearthed 2016 texts calling ‘kind friend’ Katy Perry ‘mean’ and ‘not strong’

    They’re no longer frenemies

  • Paris Hilton rocks Life is Beautiful shirt as she carries her pet pooch for a lunch date in Beverly Hills following split from fiancé Chris Zylka

  • Amber Le Bon pulls off a flirty vibe in a cold shoulder LBD as she attends glitzy magazine launch

    She’s looking glamorous

  • Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick step out to film KUWTK in Los Angeles after reality star revealed she was freezing her eggs

    Candid confession

  • I’m A Celebrity: Inside John Barrowman’s TWO very lavish Californian mansions complete with Dior artwork and a picture perfect swimming pool

  • Dance to this! Troye Sivan puts on an energetic performance for a star-studded guest list at Melbourne gala

    Dazzled at the National Gallery

  • Beyonce EXCLUSIVE: She proves what Kim Kardashian does she can do better as she takes private jumbo jet to South Africa with Jay-Z and all three kids

  • Strictly’s screaming Giovanni Pernice breaks down in tears after Faye Tozer WAXED his hairy legs

    Strictly a painful evening!

  • RHONY’s Sonja Morgan takes the stage at Improv Asylum grand opening as she is supported by Ramon Singer and Tinsley Mortimer 

  • Jordan Barrett looks dapper as he steps out at the Dior Homme show in Tokyo… after he was spotted kissing Jasmine Yarbrough’s sister Jade in Sydney

  • ‘I think people like his realness’: Actor Michael B. Jordan reveals why he thinks his Creed films have been wildly popular with Rocky fans


  • Love Island’s Cara De La Hoyde dazzles in bridal-inspired gown as she cosies up to fiancé Nathan Massey

    The Love Island winners are made for each other

  • Casey Batchelor flaunts three stone post-baby weight loss in backless gown as she makes rare appearance with beau Dane Goodson

  • Lisa Rinna trades her iconic brunette locks for new blonde tresses ahead of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 9 wrap party

  • ‘Happy birthday to my smart, sassy, sexy bride’: Hugh Jackman, 50, posts a heartwarming message to wife Deborra-lee Furness as she turns 63

  • Drake settles lawsuit against woman he says sought to extort him with false pregnancy and rape claims

    The God’s Plan singer has settled

  • Hailee Steinfeld dazzles in plunging charcoal-grey pantsuit for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse photocall in LA

    She’s just dazzling

  • Jennifer Garner bundles up in turtleneck sweater and cropped jeans for relaxing mother-daughter outing with Seraphina

    Casual chic

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  • Up to 80% of people LIE to their doctor ‘because they don’t want to be judged or lectured’ 

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  • FILE - In this file photo dated Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018, health workers walk with a boy suspected as having the Ebola virus at an Ebola treatment centre in Beni, Eastern Congo. According to a WHO announcement Thursday Nov. 29, 2018, Congo's deadly Ebola outbreak is now the second largest in history, and predicted the outbreak will last at least another six months before it can be contained. (AP Photo/Al-hadji Kudra Maliro, FILE)

    ‘It is in America’s interest’: Experts urge Trump to send Ebola specialists back to Congo after pulling them…

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  • Are loving middle-class parents to blame for an epidemic of childhood insomnia?

  • Booze-free spirits which look and taste like the real thing are the WORST thing to give a teetotal friend this Christmas, warns a recovering alcoholic  

  • DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Forget those 10,000 steps a day… you just need three brisk ten-minute walks 

  • Pedlars of fake food news: Are Gwyneth Paltrow and a Canadian mother of one who claims to cure arthritis by an all-beef diet ‘putting us all at risk’?

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  • DR ELLIE CANNON: Did a yoghurt send my cholesterol up?  




  •  As George H.W. Bush passes away just eight months after bidding a tearful farewell to his beloved wife Barbara, how their 73-year marriage stayed strong until the very end

  • Busy Philipps treks through the rain in teal coat and floral boats as she braves the rainy weather conditions in LA

    Baby it’s cold outside

  • Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra admits he thinks about being with other women after temporarily separating from Catelynn Lowell

  • Bradley Cooper roasted by Sean Penn who pulls out 20-year-old video of actor asking him a question on Inside The Actors Studio

  • Imogen Thomas turns heads in PVC mini skirt and stylish jacquard jacket as she heads to dinner 

    Single and ready to mingle

  • She still has ties to Australia! Isla Fisher puts the Sydney apartment she bought while she starred on Home And Away on the rental market

  • Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding: Couple’s $60,000 a night palatial venue is lit up by laser beams as guests receive an ‘information guide’ 

  • ‘I didn’t just lose a pet, I lost a part of my family’: Shanina Shaik shares an emotional post after the death of her beloved dog Ralphy


  • Troye Sivan shares a behind-the-scenes image from the set of ‘bestie’ Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next film clip as he makes a cameo in the music video

  • Hailee Steinfeld stuns in silver and black sequins as she rocks black leather knee-high boots at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball


  • Stella McCartney looks chic in a sleek jumpsuit as she joins funky Beth Ditto at gala dinner 

    The designer showcased her elegant sense of style

  • David Arquette steps out with scarred neck weeks after suffering injuries from grisly wrestling match 

    Still wearing his fight wounds

  • Sir Cliff Richard reveals he is terrified of being pictured around youngsters after false sex abuse claims

    Accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy 

  • Love Island’s Samira Mighty stuns in plunging nude minidress as she joins glam co-stars Ellie Brown and Alexandra Cane at charity ball 

  • Cameron Diaz tries to be coy as she walks into Montage hotel in Beverly Hills… where Justin Bieber is staying with wife Hailey Baldwin

    Wintertime chill

  • Vanessa Hudgens looks ravishing in a stunning black romper and thigh-high boots at the Volkswagen Drive-In Event

    Looking good

  • Does Kate and Meghan’s ‘rift’ risk splitting apart William and Harry? Fears for brothers bonded by their mother’s death as newlyweds’ move 

  • Inside the royal wedding: Delfina Blaquier reveals details about Prince Harry and Meghan’s nuptials

    Glamour polo couple  move in high places

  • Mark Hamill pokes fun at iconic Star Wars kiss between siblings Luke and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back

    Hilarious moment as he reflects on iconic kiss

  • Khloe Kardashian plays the fun aunt as she takes niece North West to buy a furry friend from the local pet shop

    Fun times 

  • Jada Pinkett Smith reveals being ‘hurt’ when her father tried reconnecting after she became famous

    She’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars

  • Denise Richards, 47, kisses husband Aaron Phypers on the lips before sharing sizzling photo in mini dress as they continue to stay in a hotel after fire

  •  Mary Poppins Returns is deemed ‘practically perfect in every way’ as critics praise ‘show-stopping’ leading lady Emily Blunt in early reviews 

  • Kourtney Kardashian, don’t look now! Luka Sabbat spotted sharing a kiss with a raven-haired mystery girl

    The fashionisto looked smitten 

  • Whitney Port cuddles up to husband Tim Rosenman as they head home from lunch date at Joan’s On Third

    Married for years and happier than ever

  • Is Piers a bad influence? Susanna Reid almost falls off the wagon after two months sober on a boozy lunch with her GMB co-host (who promptly posts the evidence online!)

  • Kourtney Kardashian, 39, catches the attention of Liam Payne, 25, as the singer comments ‘wow’ under her racy lingerie Instagram snap

  • Hailey Baldwin packs on the PDA with husband Justin Bieber… after the model admits she ‘can’t wait’ to have kids with the pop star


  • Jasmine Sanders looks red hot in string bikini after being named Sports Illustrated’s ‘rookie of the year’

    Showed off her supermodel credentials

  • 50 Cent says he ‘wouldn’t have a bad day’ if his estranged son Marquise Jackson ‘got hit by a bus’

    The In Da Club rapper took to Instagram 

  • Rachael Ostovich STILL has black eye as she breaks silence after domestic abuse to reveal she’s fighting Van Zant to be a role model for victims

  • ‘Can’t wait to bring my family of four to Tokyo 2020!’ Ryan Lochte reveals he is expecting a second child with his wife Kayla – just weeks after starting rehab for alcoholism

  • Dakota Johnson dazzles in a stunning pink sequined gown as she attends Marrakech International Film Festival

    A vision

  • Ciara flashes incredibly toned legs for Wonderland magazine… one year after welcoming second child with football star Russell Wilson

  • Mel B forgoes her typical glamour and dons a tracksuit at book signing… as Stephen Belafonte claims he will SUE her for tell-all’s ‘horrific lies’

  • Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, 50, poses in turquoise bikini as she brings the heat to Thailand

    She always looks phenomenal 

  • Scheana Shay wows in skimpy black crop top, pink latex mini and over-the-knee boots as she attends the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball


  • ‘I still can’t bear to watch him on TV’: Family of Strictly star Dr Ranj Singh’s ex-wife reveal their heartbreak after he dumped her and came out as gay 

  • I’m A Celebrity: Emily Atack retches as she downs blended PIG EYES during stomach-churning Rancid Race trial


  • Emma Roberts rocks new chic bob hairstyle while leaving trendy West Hollywood hair salon

    Showed off her shorter new hairstyle 

  • X Factor star Anthony Russell sparks anger over photo with convicted killer friend who battered a teenager to death ‘without mercy’ 

  • Simon Cowell ‘thought Cheryl was DEAD’ when she dramatically collapsed on the floor at the end of her controversial X Factor performance

  • Katherine Jenkins layers up in chic plaid coat as she promotes her latest album after revealing pregnancy altered her voice

    Winter chic

  • Diane Kruger, 42, looks like a proud first-time mom as she beams in NYC… after being seen with baby and beau Norman Reedus the day before

  • Shawn Mendes spotted solo in Los Angeles… after admitting he feels he has to be seen with women in public to ‘prove that I’m not gay’


  • Catt Sadler embraces comfy chic style while modeling items from the goop x Cotton Incorporated holiday shop

    Casually cool

  • Melissa Gorga no longer identifies with her 2013 marriage advice book since she’s ‘a working girl’

    The 39-year-old reality star confessed

  • Diana Ross, 74, rides wheelchair through JFK… after putting on a sensational performance at Rockefeller Center tree-lighting

  • Christine McGuinness shares heartwrenching throwback of newborn in intensive care as she joins Stephanie Davies in paying tribute to midwives

  • Katie Price’s beau Kris Boyson awkwardly questions her VERY racy attire in scene filmed during their brief split as he makes debut on My Crazy Life

  • ‘I’m sure she’ll make a movie again’: Meghan will return to Hollywood, says her pal and agent (who insists she’ll face down hostile royal officials) 

  • Kid Rock comes under fire for calling The View’s Joy Behar a ‘b****’ while being interviewed on Fox and Friends

  • Kelly Rowland and Rose McGowan among stars looking for a home in drama-filled trailer for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

    One to watch

  • Lil Wayne splashes the Cash Money  to the tune of $17million on stunning 10,632-square-foot waterfront island mansion in Miami Beach

  • Strictly’s Gorka Marquez gets cupping therapy to soothe the ‘damage’ of his neck and lower back injuries after ‘tough’ impact on dance training

  • Pamela Anderson looks stylish as she wraps up in a belted padded jacket while stepping out in Paris

    The Baywatch star, 51, wrapped up warm 

  • Sharon Osbourne brands Kim Kardashian ‘obnoxious’ for ‘flaunting’ her private 747 flight on social media 

    Hitting out 

  • Binky Felstead exhibits her incredible abs and gym-honed frame in skimpy underwear snap 

    Binky looked sensational as she took to Instagram

  •  I’m A Celebrity: John Barrowman’s husband Scott arrives in Australia with actor’s parents Marion and John Sr…. as he’s ‘on the verge of losing it’ 

  • Creed II star Michael B. Jordan admits he’s ‘pretty sure’ Sylvester Stallone WILL return as Rocky Balboa… after the actor hinted it was his ‘last rodeo’

  • Robert Irwin poses with a huge snake as he celebrates his 15th birthday at Australia Zoo with mother Terri and sister Bindi

  • Miranda Kerr is pretty in pink as she bows her Kora cosmetics brand at The Grove’s Pop Shops in LA

    The Australian model looked phenomenal 

  •  Lady Gaga breaks down in tears as she pays tribute to A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper at American Cinematheque Award Presentation

  • Kourtney Kardashian, 39, is freezing eggs ‘for safety’ despite being unsure of having more kids… and says injections make her ‘crazy’ in KUWTK clip

  • Catherine Oxenberg tells DailyMailTV her dreams were ‘ripped away’ after wildfire incinerates home to ‘charred wreckage’ days after moving in with sex cult escapee daughter

  • Claire Foy reveals her secret talent as she flawlessly RAPS the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight on The Tonight Show


  • Kelly Brook excitedly picks up her Christmas tree with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi during festive trip

    The former model was enjoying festive fun 

  • I’m A Celebrity: Viewers express their horror as Rita Simons reveals painful looking BUG BITES on her legs

    The actress couldn’t stop scratching them

  • Kendra Wilkinson shows off playful side with her kids on jungle gym… as her divorce from Hank Baskett is ‘rejected’ by judge on a technicality

  • Kaley Cuoco’s birthday surprise was accidentally spoiled by Big Bang Theory castmate Jim Parsons

    Sheldon completely exposed the secret treat

  • Rosamund Pike cuts an elegant figure in a cream jumpsuit and blazer as she takes to the stage to discuss latest film A Private War at Saatchi Gallery event

  • Caroline Flack heads to rehearsals for the first time since landing leading role of Roxie Hart in Chicago

    Prepared for her moment in the spotlight

  • Kylie Jenner reveals her nine-month-old daughter Stormi gets her own DRESSING ROOM filled with toys and snacks at all of dad Travis Scott’s concerts

  • EastEnders’ fans left in ‘tears’ over Ruby Allen’s rape storyline as they praise ‘powerful’ message about sexual consent

    Emotional episode 

  • Julia Roberts, 51, reveals she used to be a WAITRESS…. long before she went on to become America’s Sweetheart worth $140m

  • Jay-Z insists he WASN’T dissing Kanye West over his Trump support in ‘house n***a’ and ‘red hat’ lines from verse for new Meek Mill album 

  • Gary Lineker cuts a solitary figure as he tucks into a sandwich on a bench after celebrating his 58th birthday on boozy night out with his four sons

  • Kate Moss, 44, displays effortless style as she cosies up to boyfriend Count Nikolai Von Bismarck, 30, at the Dior Homme fashion show in Tokyo, Japan

  • Karlie Kloss shows off her slender legs in elegant mini-dress as she enjoys married life with Joshua Kushner

    The newly married 26-year-old supermodel

  • Petra Ecclestone steps out in a floral mini-dress and thigh-high boots as she attends art event in LA with boyfriend Sam Palmer

    Another date night

  • Tulisa flashes her taut abs in a clingy crop top as she joins sizzling Charlotte Dawson at cosmetics bash

    Looked sensational at W7 Cosmetics’ lunch 

  • Myleene Klass swaps flowing dresses for business attire as she steps out in sharp tailoring and a chic check coat

    Looked stylish 

  • Tyra Banks charms during her stop by Sirius XM… after revealing she secretly dated a ‘very famous’ singer


  • Brooklyn Beckham enjoys series of outings with stunning model Hana Cross… as they attend Mumford & Sons gig in London together

    Looked close

  • Cher, 72, poses with the three actresses who play her in Broadway jukebox musical about her life… and the audience goes wild

    A musical about her life 

  • TOWIE’s Yazmin Oukhellou exhibits her toned bikini-body in a blush pink two-piece as she hits the pool on Morocco break with beau James Lock

  • Kerry Katona

    Kerry Katona PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Star parades her gym-honed frame in striped bikini as she struggles to keep her balance practicing yoga

  • Vicky Pattison looks chic in a tartan miniskirt after scolding Eamonn and Ruth for bickering and saying she’s ‘been through enough’ with ex-fiancé

  •  Harry Judd’s wife Izzy reveals she struggled with anxiety during her pregnancy after suffering miscarriage and says the McFly star is her ‘rock’  

  • I’m A Celebrity: Noel Edmonds’ wife Liz reveals she painted his TOENAILS for jungle stint to remind him of her… as she laughs off ‘office romance’ claims

  • Lucy Watson EXCLUSIVE: Inside her Scandinavian-inspired home… as TV star admits renovating ENTIRE house has been ‘testing’ 

  • ‘I always look for something that makes me feel confident on the beach:’ Victoria’s Secret model Victoria Lee explains what she loves about swimwear brands

  • ‘I have a responsibility as someone’s wife’: Margot Robbie talks marriage and motherhood as she poses for racy cover shoot

  • Emotional Rita Ora thanks fans for waiting six years for her sophomore release and promises they’ll ‘never have to wait this long again’

  • Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming sells two million copies in just TWO WEEKS as the former first lady hits the road for 10-city book tour

  • Will it be happy families this year? Meghan and Kate ‘really loved spending last Christmas together’ but are ‘definitely not best friends’

  • Prince Harry will attend gala performance of Meat Loaf musical Bat Out Of Hell in aid of the Invictus Games – but pregnant Meghan WON’T be joining him

  • Look familiar? Queen gives her royal seal of approval to a new portrait commissioned by the RAF Regiment to mark its 75th anniversary

  • ‘I have a reason’: Rita Ora reveals why she changed clothes THREE times while attending this year’s ARIA Awards in Sydney

    Outfit change 

  • Megan Fox says ‘I love him’ as she finally admits to having romantic relationship with Shia LaBeouf on Transformers set


  • I’m A Celebrity: Fleur East’s lookalike sister Keshia is joined by James McVey’s girlfriend and Anne Hegerty’s brother ahead of first eviction 

  • Harry Redknapp’s wife Sandra, 71, ‘teaches herself how to floss’ after football manager won viewers over performing viral dance

    Impressive attempt 

  • I’m A Celebrity: Noel Edmonds admits to using his own personal black taxi to avoid heavy traffic… before replacing it with a BUS after getting a ticket

  • Strictly’s Shirley Ballas insists Karen Clifton took mistaking her for Dianne Buswell ‘in good humour’ after THAT Lindy-hopathon gaffe

  •  Cheryl dazzles in red sequinned jumpsuit to perform Love Made Me Do It on The Graham Norton Show… as she admits comeback single is ‘poking fun at herself’

  • Chloe Khan puts on a VERY busty display in see-through lace bralet as she joins Love Island’s Katie Salmon for night out in Liverpool

  • Abbie Holborn makes a very bold style statement in neon blue wig as she sports plunging vest top and leather trousers for girls’ night out

  •  Alesha Dixon turns heads in a neon printed top and sky-high stilettos after discussing her new TV show with Cheryl on This Morning  

  • Megan McKenna steps out for the first time since ‘calling the police on ex Mike Thalassitis and accusing him of filming her naked without consent’

  • Nicola Roberts rocks a kooky trench coat-style minidress as she heads to the Mind Media Awards

    Enjoyed a well earned night off

  • Amanda Bynes picks up coffee before heading to a business meeting as she plots her return to Hollywood

    Is now ready to resume her life a an actress

  • Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson lead the arrivals at Christmas reunion… as Alexandra Cane comes face-to-face with single Paul Knops 

  • Strictly favourite Stacey Dooley goes makeup free as she grabs a coffee ahead of final day of rehearsals for Musicals Week

    Getting ready 

  • Rita Ora ‘is dating actor Andrew Garfield’ following her split from ex Andrew Watt in September 

    In the early stages of dating

  • Alan Carr reveals he has gone teetotal to support husband Paul Drayton who had ‘a few issues with alcohol’ while the comedian was on tour

  • Simon Cowell reveals son Eric, four, ‘is in training’ ALREADY to take over his music empire… but doesn’t think he ‘left it too late’ to be a dad

  •  Strictly accused of ‘double standards’ as married Katya Jones is included in tour but Seann Walsh is ‘BANNED’ as ‘cheating doesn’t fit show image’

  • I’m A Celeb: Harry Redknapp’s wife Sandra is EMBARRASSED by her husband’s declarations of love as she confesses to ‘terribly missing’ him 

  • I’m A Celebrity’s Harry Redknapp leaves fans in hysterics as he gives Holly Willoughby an EPIC death stare during spider challenge

    Not happy

  • I’m A Celebrity: Declan Donnelly leaves Holly Willoughby in stitches after he fluffs his lines while trying to imitate John Barrowman


  • I’m A Celebrity: Sair Khan shows off her trim frame and toned abs in a black bikini in the jungle shower before Fleur East also takes a dip

  • Chris Evans giggles with wife Natasha as they leave BBC Radio 2 studios cradling one of their baby twins

    The couple looked happier than ever

  • Lorraine Kelly left speechless as she is surprised by Magic Mike dancers on her 59th birthday… and they put on a VERY cheeky performance

  • SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Pregnant Meghan misses Priyanka Chopra’s Indian wedding with singer Nick Jonas

  • Windsor Castle staff climb ladders to decorate the 20ft Nordmann fir taking pride of place at Her Majesty’s Berkshire residence

  • The First Ladies’ club! Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron lead the glamour as the wives of world leaders arrive in Argentina for G20 summit

  •  X Factor: Finalists to DUET with stars such as Leona Lewis and James Arthur on their winner’s single… as show plots to regain Christmas Number One

  • Joaquin Phoenix appears downcast as he shoots dramatic scenes as Batman’s arch-nemesis without his iconic make-on the set of new film Joker

  • Cara Delevingne transforms into GOLLUM in hilarious throwback clip… as she jokes she doesn’t ‘understand why she was single’

  • EXCLUSIVE: Hallmark writer reveals what it’s like to work with Lori Loughlin and Lacey Chabert as she explains popular Christmas movie trend

  • Kate Beckinsale, 45, cheers on the Lakers with her pals after admitting she’s torn between ‘having another child’ or ‘getting annihilated’

  • Hayden Panettiere’s beau Brian Hickerson shocks bar as he ‘proposes’ to actress… but ends up popping the question to Dakota Fanning

  • Love Island’s Tyla Carr proudly displays her blossoming bump in a snakeskin print dress at Paloma Faith’s Thank You Midwife event

    She’s expecting 

  • Emily Blunt looks radiant in billowing gown as she dances with husband John Krasinski at the world premiere of Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns 

  • EOTB’s Nicole Bass appears worse for wear as she parties with Love Island hunk Jack Fowler on a bus after Urban Music Awards


  • Matt Damon and wife Luciana coordinate in black at the Mary Poppins Returns premiere in LA

    Enjoyed a date night at the event 

  • Gilded guest list! Royals Lady Amelia Windsor and Maria-Olympia and Marie-Chantal of Greece join a host of stars at festive Claridge’s party

  • Georgia May Foote puts on a daring display in a racy cut-out dress at the Mind Media Awards after confirming new romance with rapper

  • Jade Jagger looks worse for wear as she struggles to keep her eyes open following barefoot exit from bash with husband Adrian Fillary

  • … as he admits the novelty of hearing his music on the radio has not worn off

    The Australian singer has enjoyed roaring chart success

  • I’m A Celebrity: Emily Atack reveals she failed her driving test FIVE times because she ‘nearly ran over a child’… as Noel admits he drives in bus lane

  • Emily Ratajkowski buries her trim physique under a chic coat as she leads stars at Watches of Switzerland event

    Covered her bikini body

  • I’m a Celebrity: Ant McPartlin hits back at claims he ‘secretly scripts Holly Willoughby and Dec Donnelly’s jokes’

    Complete rubbish 

  • Katie Price ‘to sell her three wedding rings to raise enough cash for quickie divorce from Kieran Hayler’ amid bankruptcy woes 

    Quick cash

  • I’m A Celebrity: Fleur East and Emily Atack compose a song about their ‘bums, breasts and thighs’… and perform a saucy dance celebrating the female form

  • Declan Donnelly PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: I’m A Celebrity host poses for family snap with wife Ali Astall and baby Isla as they enjoy scenic walk in Oz 

  • Ruth Wilson recounts the ‘totally bizarre’ moment she gave birth to her own FATHER on BBC series Mrs Wilson in which she plays her real-life grandmother

  • Kourtney Kardashian gets hearts racing in sheer lace bodysuit in behind-the-scenes shots from her GQ Mexico spread


  • Jessie J rocks leather hotpants as she puts on a VERY raunchy show in Glasgow… as Channing Tatum brushes off questions about their romance


  • Hailey Baldwin wears diamond ‘Bieber’ necklace to salon while Justin flashes his abs leaving hotel

    Stepped out in a neon green T-shirt

  • Jennifer Garner is a princess in tulle as she honors former co-star Bradley Cooper at the American Cinematheque Award presentation

  • Alyssa Milano brings the glamour in glossy gold dress with thigh-high slit as she attends the American Cinematheque Award Presentation

  • Lucy Hale covers her toned physique in figure hugging jeans and sweater as she steps out for coffee in Los Angeles

    Pretty Little Liars star flashed a smile

  • Paris Jackson proudly shows off her God Save The Queen T-shirt as she nails edgy glamour in leather jacket and skinny jeans

    Looking good

  • Ozzy Osbourne reveals he nearly died from a MANICURE and was forced to undergo emergency surgery

    The rocker underwent surgery in October

  • Amber Heard calls on ‘vast army of voices’ to unite and help end violence against women

    The actress read from an open letter she penned in 2016

  • Have Kate and Meghan really fallen out? JAN MOIR on the woes of the not so merry wives of Windsor 

    Moving out of Kensington Palace

  • Call The Midwife tackles gender: Next series of BBC drama will see a bride-to-be discover she’s a hermaphrodite

    New series

  • Dani Harmer, 29, is set to return to the role of Tracy Beaker in one-off CBBC special also starring Michelle Collins

    The actress will appear in a one episode special

  • Pregnant Amy Schumer postpones shows in Los Angeles, Philly, and Baltimore due to severe morning sickness

    Due next spring 

  • Raising temperatures! Justin Bieber’s ‘ex-fling’ Sahara Ray poses TOPLESS poolside as she shows off her gorgeous curves in a cheeky bikini

  • Kylie Jenner steps out in denim jumpsuit after revealing she needs THREE hotel rooms while on tour with Travis Scott and baby girl Stormi

  • Paris Jackson commands attention in sheer orange dress and matching hooded coat as she steps out in New York

    Vibrant look 

  • Tom Hiddleston ditches clean-cut look for long hair and a full beard as he takes to the stage at Comic Con in Tokyo


  • ‘I have days where I don’t feel good’: Singer Troye Sivan lays bare his mental health struggle as he admits he’d like to move back to Australia

  • Draya Michele of Basketball Wives fame shows off her assets in SHEER top and leather mini skirt in West Hollywood

    Hard to miss

  • Hannah Jeter looks sporty chic as she drapes her baby bump in a dark sweatshirt while out shopping with one-year-old daughter Bella

  • Dick Van Dyke, 92, beams at Mary Poppins Returns premiere with wife Arlene Silver, 47… after he appeared in 1964 original

    Veteran entertainer

  • John Stamos packs on the PDA with Caitlyn at Mary Poppins Returns premieres as his TV wife Lori Loughlin dazzles in sharp black blazer

  • Harry Redknapp’s wife Sandra seen for the first time in Australia as she shops with the couple’s granddaughter… ahead of reunion with her I’m A Celebrity husband

  • Beth Behrs and hubby Michael Gladis make red carpet debut as husband and wife at Mary Poppins Returns premiere in LA

    Caught the eye

  • Ariana Grande thinks about ‘poisonous’ Manchester bombing every day and feels it’s ‘impossible to recover from’, in heart-wrenching letter 

  • Kylie Jenner’s nine-month-old daughter Stormi says ‘dadda’ and even stands up on her own as star gives fans backstage access to Travis Scott tour

  • Nicki Minaj reignites feud with Cardi B as she hires bartenders preparing to ‘sue the rapper over strip club attack’ to star in her new music video

  • Dare to bare! Iggy Azalea shows off her famous derriere and shapely pins in a skin-tight latex dress with thigh split … after parting ways with label

  • Helen Flanagan showcases her phenomenal frame in a string bikini as she enjoys a day on the beach with daughter Delilah in Dubai

  • Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, 24, put on a loved-up display as they get the party started ahead of the star’s 37th birthday

    Happy couple

  • Ariana Grande dons wedding gown in BTS of her Thank U, Next video… a month after ending engagement

    Grammy nominee made a cheeky reference 

  • Kris Jenner ‘squeals’ about the luxury Tiffany luggage set her daughter Kim Kardashian bought her before Christmas

    Splashing the cash

  • Christie Brinkley, 64, looks incredible as she rings the New York Stock Exchange bell for the Christmas Tree Lighting in NYC

    Centre of attention 



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