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MCAT Test Dates 2016

MCAT test dates for 2016, as well as score release dates, were released by the AAMC last Fall. We have also compiled information from the AAMC regarding MCAT registration and testing centers in the United States, Canada and international locations. Ideally, you would choose an available MCAT test date at a convenient location that allows you the most study time while balancing the score release date which will give you time to submit your MCAT score relatively early in the application cycle.

MCAT Test Dates and Score Release Dates

MCAT Test Dates 2016    MCAT Score Release Dates
January 22  Friday  February 23  Tuesday
January 23SaturdayFebruary 23Tuesday
April 1FridayMay 3Tuesday
April 23SaturdayMay 24Tuesday
May 6FridayJune 7Tuesday
May 14SaturdayJune 14Tuesday
May 20FridayJune 21Tuesday
June 2ThursdayJuly 6Wednesday
June 18SaturdayJuly 19Tuesday
July 8FridayAugust 9Tuesday
July 9SaturdayAugust 9Tuesday
July 22FridayAugust 23Tuesday
August 4ThursdaySeptember 7Wednesday
August 5FridaySeptember 7Wednesday
August 19FridaySeptember 20Tuesday
August 20SaturdaySeptember 20Tuesday
August 25ThursdaySeptember 27Tuesday
September 1ThursdayOctober 4Tuesday
September 9FridayOctober 12Wednesday
September 10SaturdayOctober 12Wednesday

Note: MCAT score release takes 30-35 days after your exam date.

MCAT Registration Fee

The MCAT registration fee is $305 if made at least three weeks before the exam. There are 3 registration ‘zones’ that have corresponding registration fees, re-scheduling fees, cancellation refund and fee assistance program (FAP) fees. The FAP was designed for students who are unable to finance their MCAT prep. You need to apply for the FAP before your MCAT registration. For more information, click here: FAP

ZoneDeadlineRegistration FeeRe-schedule feeCancellation Refund
Gold1 month before MCAT$305

$115 (FAP)

$35 (FAP)

$60 (FAP)
Silver3-4 weeks before exam$305

$115 (FAP)

$55 (FAP)
No refund

No refund
Bronze1-2 weeks before exam$355

$165 (FAP)
No re-schedule

No fee assistance
No refund

No refund

Note: The additional international registration fee for all zones is $95. The international registration fee is applicable to all countries except for Canada, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The deadline for registration is at 11:59 p.m. ET of the day of the deadline. It is non-refundable upon registration cancellation. See MCAT Registration Deadlines .

MCAT Testing Centers

There are MCAT testing centers, both on and off campus, from coast to coast in the US and Canada. Additionally, there are numerous MCAT testing centers in international locations as presented in the table below. Note that to register for a seat at an international testing site, you should follow the same process as if registering for a seat in the US or Canada. Since the dates and seats at international locations are limited, plan ahead to avoid disappointment. If you need to travel and stay in a hotel, check out the AAMC’s Hotel Discount Program .

MCAT International Testing Locations*
AustraliaChina: Hong KongCyprusFranceGermany
LebanonMalaysia Puerto Rico QatarSingapore
South AfricaTaiwanThailandUnited KingdomVirgin Islands, U.S.

* Note that the list of countries and dates are subject to change so consult the AAMC’s website regularly or contact them directly depending on your individual circumstance. AAMC MCAT International Testing Dates

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        MCAT Scheduling Fees

        MCAT scheduling fees for the 2019 testing year.

        Scheduling Fees (in USD)

        All deadlines are at 7:59 a.m. local test center time on the day of the deadline.
        Gold Zone Deadline:
        29 days prior to exam date*
        Silver Zone Deadline:
        15 days prior to exam date*
        Bronze Zone Deadline
        8 days prior to exam date*
        Initial Registration$315Initial Registration$315Initial Registration$370
        Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee**$95Date and/or Test Center
        Reschedule Fee**
        $155No Reschedule OptionN/A
        Cancellation Refund$155No Cancellation RefundN/ANo Cancellation RefundN/A
        International Fee**$110International Fee**$110International Fee**$110
        Fee Assistance Program Fees
        All deadlines are at 7:59 a.m. local test center time on the day of the deadline.
        Gold Zone Deadline:
        29 days prior to exam date*
        Silver Zone Deadline:
        15 days prior to exam date*
        Bronze Zone Deadline
        8 days prior to exam date*
        Fee Assistance Registration $125Fee Assistance Registration $125Fee Assistance Registration $180
        Fee Assistance Reschedule**$50Fee Assistance
        $70No Fee Assistance 
        Reschedule Option
        Fee Assistance Cancellation Refund$60No Fee Assistance 
        Cancellation Refund
        N/ANo Fee Assistance
        Cancellation Refund
        Fee Assistance International Fee**$110Fee Assistance International Fee**$110Fee Assistance International Fee** $110

        *See 2019 U.S. Testing Calendar, Scheduling Deadlines, and Score Release Dates or 2019 Canadian Testing Calendar, Scheduling Deadlines, and Score Release Dates for exact deadlines for each zone.

        **These fees are in addition to the initial registration fee and are non-refundable upon registration cancellation.

        International sites include all countries, provinces, or territories except Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

        Payment Information

        The MCAT Registration System accepts only VISA and MasterCard, including debit cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo. We regret we are unable to accept other forms of payment.

        We will process your registration immediately upon submission. The registration process cannot be reversed once it has begun, and thus you will be responsible for all fees. If you reverse the credit card charge, or if payment is declined for any reason, you must provide an alternative form of payment on request. Otherwise, the AAMC will cancel your registration, withhold all scores (even scores from previous years), and disallow future registration and other services until arrears are made current.

        Examinees may be required to pay applicable sales tax, value-added tax, Goods and Services Tax, or similar taxes required by law in the country or locality in which they are testing. If taxes are applicable, they will be collected at the time of scheduling. For up to date information, please review Pearson VUE’s Tax FAQs ( ).

        Fee Assistance Program

        The AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program aids individuals with extreme financial limitations who otherwise could not take the exam.

        Please be aware that you must receive a final Fee Assistance Program approval before you select your test date and location. See the Fee Assistance Program website for complete information, including eligibility, the application process, and associated deadlines.

        In 2019, the AAMC and the Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada (AFMC) are piloting a fee assistance program for Canadian  examinees who register to test during the 2019 testing year. Canadian examinees who are eligible and qualify, will receive reduced scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation rates. For more information about this pilot, please click here . Questions regarding the application, evaluation, or qualification process, visit AFMC at .

        Register for the MCAT Exam
        Get Your Test Scores

        MCAT Essentials

        The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2019


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        Get answers to your questions about MCAT registration, scores, and more.

        Learn More

        What are the 2016 MCAT Fees?

        For Students & Parents

        What are the 2016 MCAT Fees?

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        Kelly Roell

        Kelly Roell is the author of “Ace the ACT. ” She has a master’s degree in secondary English education and has worked as a high school English teacher.

        Updated May 16, 2017

        Taking the MCAT is no easy feat, and paying for it isn’t either, especially if you’re a poor college kid working your way through undergrad. So, how much does the MCAT cost? Good question. Here’s the answer:

        Note: The MCAT fees below are only payable in U.S. dollars.

        The MCAT costs are divided into three zones: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Read on for the benefits and costs of each.

        The Gold Zone

        If you take a peek at the MCAT registration dates , you’ll see that the Gold zone is the earliest zone in which to register, and registering early has its advantages! There is more flexibility for dates and locations, to begin with. And when you register in the Gold Zone, you can get a partial refund if you need to cancel for any reason. Plus, this zone offers the lowest MCAT fees all around.

        * Gold Zone Registration *

        • Registration Fee: $305
        • Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee: $75 extra
        • Cancellation Refund $150
        • International Fee: $95 extra

        The Silver Zone

        If you miss registering in the Gold zone, there are still benefits to getting in a little bit earlier. First, the registration fee does not increase at all. Plus, you can still reschedule your test date or test center if you need to. If you need to cancel, though, you’re out of luck where you cash is concerned!

        * Silver Zone Registration *

        • Registration Fee: $305
        • Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee: $135 extra
        • NO Cancellation Refund
        • International Fee: $95 extra

        The Bronze Zone

        If you’re late registering for the MCAT, the good news is that you can still take it. The bad news is that you’re going to have to pay a bit more for the test than if you’d planned ahead.

        * Bronze Zone Registration *

        • Registration Fee: $355
        • NO Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Option
        • NO Cancellation Refund
        • International Fee: $95 extra

        I Can’t Afford MCAT Fees!

        The AAMC does offer a fee assistance program (FAP) for students who just can’t afford to pay the MCAT registration fees, but the benefits of the program vary according to which registration period you choose to use.

        * Gold Zone FAP Program *

        • Registration Fee: $115
        • Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee: $35 extra
        • Cancellation Refund $60
        • International Fee: $95 extra

        * Silver Zone FAP Program *

        • Registration Fee: $115
        • Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee: $55 extra
        • NO Cancellation Refund
        • International Fee: $95 extra

        * Bronze Zone FAP Program *

        • Registration Fee: $165
        • NO Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Option
        • NO Cancellation Refund
        • International Fee: $95 extra

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