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Troy Aikman Tells Scary Story About Concussions and 1993 Super Bowl

Nick Brown

​The world of football can be a scary place. 

While many players gladly put their bodies on the line week after week for the love of the game, some players realize all of the health risks, especially from concussions, that accompany playing the game, and change their style of play accordingly. 

Back in the day, we didn’t have the kind of knowledge about what the game did to a player’s health. That led to numerous players having serious implications in their post-play career. 

Troy Aikman has now added himself to the list of former players affected in some way. 

Troy Aikman talking about his concussions…”I have complete amnesia of the 93′ title game.”

— Paul Pabst (@PaulPabst) February 3, 2017

​​According to Aikman, his concussions have led to him having absolutely no recollection of the 1993 Super Bowl route over the Buffalo Bills. 

To say that is a scary detail is a total understatement. Concussions can lead to horrifying conditions such as CTE and post-concussion syndrome, that can have serious adverse effects on people later in their lives. 

It’s a great game, but it certainly has its risks. 

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