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Kilograms to Pounds formula

lb =
kg * 2.2046

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The kg is defined as being equal to the mass of the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK), a block of platinum-iridium alloy manufactured in 1889 and stored at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sèvres, France.

It is the only SI unit that is defined by a physical object rather than a fundamental physical property that can be reproduced in laboratories.


Kilograms to Pounds formula

lb =
kg * 2.2046


The pound is a measurement of mass used in the imperial system, and is accepted on a day-to-day basis as a unit of weight (the gravitational force acting on any given object).


Kilograms to Pounds table


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Kilograms Pounds
0 kg0.00 lb
1 kg2.20 lb
2 kg4.41 lb
3 kg6.61 lb
4 kg8.82 lb
5 kg11.02 lb
6 kg13.23 lb
7 kg15.43 lb
8 kg17.64 lb
9 kg19.84 lb
10 kg22.05 lb
11 kg24.25 lb
12 kg26.46 lb
13 kg28.66 lb
14 kg30.86 lb
15 kg33.07 lb
16 kg35.27 lb
17 kg37.48 lb
18 kg39.68 lb
19 kg41.89 lb
Kilograms Pounds
20 kg44.09 lb
21 kg46.30 lb
22 kg48.50 lb
23 kg50.71 lb
24 kg52.91 lb
25 kg55.12 lb
26 kg57.32 lb
27 kg59.52 lb
28 kg61.73 lb
29 kg63.93 lb
30 kg66.14 lb
31 kg68.34 lb
32 kg70.55 lb
33 kg72.75 lb
34 kg74.96 lb
35 kg77.16 lb
36 kg79.37 lb
37 kg81.57 lb
38 kg83.78 lb
39 kg85.98 lb
Kilograms Pounds
40 kg88.18 lb
41 kg90.39 lb
42 kg92.59 lb
43 kg94.80 lb
44 kg97.00 lb
45 kg99.21 lb
46 kg101.41 lb
47 kg103.62 lb
48 kg105.82 lb
49 kg108.03 lb
50 kg110.23 lb
51 kg112.44 lb
52 kg114.64 lb
53 kg116.85 lb
54 kg119.05 lb
55 kg121.25 lb
56 kg123.46 lb
57 kg125.66 lb
58 kg127.87 lb
59 kg130.07 lb

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