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Jayla Name Meaning Jayla






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Meaning of Jayla: “to ascend”

Origin of Jayla: Modern spelling of Jaalah, Hebrew

Jayla’s Popularity in 2017: #238

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The name Jayla is a girl’s name of Hebrew/Israeli origin meaning “to ascend”. Jayla is ranked #238 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like New Baby Names on the Rise and discussed in our forums with posts like ” Picky Parents BNG “.

From the experts:

Not quite as unusual as it might seem, it first entered the popularity list in 1995, as a possible alternative to the very popular Kayla . In the Bible, an alternate spelling is Jaala.

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Lists containing Jayla:

  • New Baby Names on the Rise
  • All-American Names

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Famous People Named Jayla

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Jayla Rubinelli, American model (” America ‘s Next Top Model” Cycle 5)
Jayla Marie , American rapper and TV personality (“The Rap Game”)
Jayla Ortiz, American boxer
Jayla Brown (b. 2003), daughter of rapper Young Buck

Pop Culture References for the name Jayla

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Meaning of the name Jayla. What is the meaning of the baby name Jayla?
Jayla is the name for a baby girl. It originates from the Hebrew word which means “to ascend ”. Name Jayla is popular in USA, United Kingdom. It is a popular name in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Name Jayla is a N#232 name in USA..
Famous bearers of this name are:
Jayla Rubinelli, American model
Jayla Marie, American musician and TV personality
It’sJustJayJay,YouTube star, lifestyle vlogger
Jayla Koriyan TV, YouTube star, lifestyle vlogger
TheRealJaylaMarie, musician, YouTube star, lifestyle vlogger
Do you want to know what are the lucky colors of clothes and the lucky days for a person with the name Jayla? What are the lucky jewels for this girl? Then you are in the right place. We present Jayla name horoscope. We have created a horoscope for the baby name Jayla. This horoscope is based on numerology – an old system that associates the letters of the name with the numbers. This numerology system may also sometimes be called nameology. This system believes, that every letter in the name can tell something about your character and may help you to find out the best skills for you to exceed in. We think that this system may be of some help for every person. Especially, if you want to have some insights into the certain personality traits, that may be influenced by the sounds and letters of this particular name. That is why we made this movie- horoscope. We also hope that such insights may be of some help during your pregnancy while in choosing a perfect name for your baby, finding a perfect gift for your bundle of joy, or simply choosing the colors for your baby’s clothes, toys, nursery, jewels, or furniture. In this particular horoscope you will find what professions may be lucky for Kate, what flowers will make her feel happy, what are his lucky gems, and so much more. You will be surprised, to see what a special person Jayla is. We hope that this name horoscope will give you some insights about the meaning of this wonderful and beautiful vintage name. We also hope that our movie will give you the answers to almost all the questions about this name in particular. We collected fun facts about this name and analyzed it with the help of numerology system. In this movie you will find numerological analysis of the baby name Jayla and you will also see what personality traits letters and sounds of this name may enforce.
If this video in any way was helpful to you, remember to give it a “thumbs up” and please, consider subscribing to our channel. We are waiting for your comments too. Your suggestions and comments are much appreciated and welcomed. We aim to post new videos about the names every day.

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