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Movie Essay Titanic

I’m going to write about my favorite movie, Titanic. It was a touching love story with a background of a loss of Titanic in 1912. The Director is James Cameron, and the Release date is 20 December, 1977. It won 11 Oscars and another 76 wins & 48 nominations. It’s very famous movie as you know. The main cast is Leonardo DiCaprio. He played Jack Dawson who was poor and wanted to be a artist, and Kate Winslet played Rose Dewitt Bukater who was rich girl in the upper classes. They’re being loved each other… Now, Rose becomes 100 years old and she talk about their love story in Taitanic.
In 1912, Jack won a bet and he got a ticket of Taitanic which go out maiden voyage from Southampton harbor in the United Kingdom. Rose is also bored, and her mother(Farances Fisher) forced her to marry Caledon(Billy Zane) who was capitalist, so she tried to jump off from the prow of the ship, and then, it was Jack that helped her. They fell in love.
However, Caledon made a false charge against him, because he noticed Rose loved Jack not him. He put handcuffs on him and confines to the cabin. Moreover, the ship clashed against the iceberg. The passanger gave priority to women and children, but she went back to ship to help him. They waited for rescue in the cold sea. I watched many passanger died, so I was shocked by the scene. Rose was rescued by Jack’s help but at last, Jack was dead…
Rose survived, but she lost her lover. She will love him forever. It’s really bitter love story, so I always felt sad after watching it, but I think it’s the best love story.
In additon, I like this theme song” My heart will go on”It’s a very beautuful song, isn’t it? It makes the movie more sad..
I hope you watch it again! I will cry even if I watch many times.

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I also like it!
Resently I haven’t seen a movie. If you have some free time, would you like to go to the movie theater to see latest movie?



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My favorite film is Titanic

My favorite movie of all times is Titanic. This movie is a love story. It’s about love of poor painter and a rich woman. A
painter’s name is Jack, a woman’s name is Rose. These two people met on the deck of Titanic, the most gorgeous biggest and advanced ship ever
built. Rose has a fiancé and she’s about to get married for money. But Rose falls in love with Jack and Jack has the same feelings about her. Her
fiancé doesn’t like this and he blames Jack of committing thievery. But Rose feel in her heart that he is innocent. Then a terrible accident
happen, Titanic turn over and sunk. They end in a freezing water and Jack sacrifices his life for Rose’s survival. When Leonardo Di Caprio died I
felt very sad, this movie is just amazing. Performances of Leo and Kate Winslet are wonderful. I’m always very impressed by their performances every
time I watch this beautiful movie. 

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