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QuickBooks Error 0x80070057

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    QuickBooks Error 0x80070057

    By admin | Error | 0 comment | 12 March, 2018 | 2

    “I have generated a company file in QuickBooks 2014 version & when an attempt to open in the same version, but it is not opening”. After multiple attempts to open the company file in QuickBooks 2014, an error message appears “0x80070057: the parameter is incorrect”. The software pretending that the company file was created in the earlier version of QuickBooks, but how could it be possible? as I have created the file in 2014 version only & trying to open in the same version by double-clicking on it. Am I trying to open the file in wrong way or should I try to find the import method in the software which will help me to access the company file again”

    Fix QB Error 80070057

    Well, don’t worry, in this article we are going to explain the possible reasons & solution for QuickBooks error 0x80070057. This error shows a message i.e. “80070057: the parameter is incorrect” when the user attempt to open the company file. It indicates that the user has not enough permission to delete the files from the particular folder. In this scenario ensure that you must have the read/write permission & also able create/delete rights to access the company file.

    Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 0x80070057

    • When User attempt to open the company file with double-click rather than from inside the QuickBooks
    • Due to change in company file extension
    • QuickBooks for Windows file extension is of wrong type: .qbm, .qbb, .qbx
    • Your company file is damaged or the QuickBooks software may get corrupted
    • Your third-party firewall is not configured for your QuickBooks
    • When you try to open the company file from a portable device like flash drive, pen drive, etc.
    • QuickBooks detects company file corruption at the time of installation of QB
    • An application like Bitdefender is in use which tries to blocks certain ports by default.

    Quick Solution to Fix QB Error 0x80070057

    • If you are attempting to open the company file from a pen drive or flash drive, then copy the file into hard drive first & then try to open the file in QuickBooks.
    • If the error arises during QuickBooks installation, un-install, re-download & re-install the application and then open the file.
    • Check for the latest updates in QuickBooks, install and get started.
    • Open your company files within the QuickBooks application, instead of trying to open it by double-clicking.
    • Modify Firewall Rules to allow Ports pertaining to QB
    • Configure Bitdefender to permit QuickBooks Desktop communication.
    • Download & Run QuickBooks doctor if the file is corrupted.

    Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 0x80070057 in Detail

    Ideally, two main steps resolve this error and let the user open the file
    Solution 1: Rename the Company File
    Solution 2: Change the File Extension

    Before proceeding with a solution first verify the company file extension

    Steps to Verify Company file extension

    • Right-click the company file.
    • Choose properties.
    • Click the QuickBooks tab.
    • Note the file extension in the Filename field and QuickBooks version in the last opened with a file.
    • Finally, click on OK.

    Steps to Rename the .nd File

    • Rename the .nd file.
    • Search the folder and open the Company file.
    • Search for the corresponding .nd file of targeted company file.
      Example: MyCompanyFileName.qbw.nd
    • Right-click on the .nd file and proceed to Rename this file
    • Suffix the filename with .ndold at the end
      Example MyCompanyFileName.qbw.ndold

    Change the File Extension

      • Copy the company file and paste it into a new folder.
      • Now, Right-click on the new folder and choose Rename.
      • Change the file extension to .qbm
      • Next, Restore the Portable by opening QuickBooks Desktop.
      • If you are facing problem while opening QuickBooks, change the extension to .qbb
      • Open QB desktop and Restore the Backup.
      • If the file does not open, rename the extension to .qbx
      • Now, Open the file into an Accounting copy.

    Still Unable to Fix Issue with Troubleshooting Steps of Error 0x80070057 ?

    After trying all the above methods & solution, if still you are facing the same error code & unable to access the file, then this situation can be easily dealt by our QuickBooks Data Recovery Technicians . Let us know your query on toll-free number: ++1-818-922-8444

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    Quickbooks Errors and Issues: 80070057, parameter incorrect

    Error: Error: “80070057 parameter is incorrect” occurs when opening a company file located on a server
    Error: Login error code 80070057

    Description: If the error occurs because of double-clicking the data file icon, select the QuickBooks File menu and then select Open or Restore Company, and follow the instructions to browse to the data file.

    To confirm that BitDefender is blocking the QuickBooks communication, uninstall or disable BitDefender. If BitDefender was blocking the QuickBooks communications, QuickBooks will communicate without error and the error will not appear. Detailed Instruction: To configure BitDefender from blocking QuickBooks 1. Select the BitDefender 10.0 main menu and select Antivirus.
    2. Select the Custom level.
    3. Click Exclude path from scan, and then click the New item button.
    4. Click the mapped drive or UNC path that is used to browse to the company file (for example, “Q:\”).

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