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Breakthrough Technology


Restore your near vision and eliminate your dependence on reading glasses with the  world’s leading corneal implant .

Pro Athletes

Trust Dr. Holzman


Dr. Holzman and pro athlete Wilson Ramos

Wilson Ramos

​The MLB catcher has 20/15 vision and has experienced improved stats following his LASIK surgery.

Dr. Holzman with pro athlete Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins

Quarterback Kirk Cousins enjoys 20/15 vision after his LASIK procedure.

Dr. Holzman's patient Craig Stammen

John Lannan

Pitcher John Lannan has 20/15 vision after having LASIK surgery.​

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Athletes’ Careers

As a professional athlete, your vision needs to be crystal clear. LASIK surgeon Dr. Andrew E. Holzman  in Washington, D.C., has helped thousands of patients, including select professional athletes, achieve outstanding vision. MLB catcher  Wilson Ramos  needs to be able to focus on baseballs traveling upwards of 100 miles per hour. Professional pitchers Craig Stammen  and John Lannon  need to see fine detail in order to make the correct pitch location. Dr. Holzman provided the vision correction necessary to support successful careers for these players. When NFL star quarterback Kirk Cousins noticed his eyesight could be better, he trusted Dr. Holzman to give him a competitive edge by significantly improving his vision with LASIK surgery.

My name is Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Washington Redskins and I’m a patient of Dr. Holzman’s and the TLC LASIK center.  I had LASIK surgery … They did an outstanding job with me and my fiancee and we’re both seeing great.  Thank you.

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Meet Dr. Holzman

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman is a leader in vision correction surgery. Throughout 25 years of experience, he has performed over 70,000 LASIK , PRK , and other ophthalmologic procedures, and has helped many of these patients achieve better than 20/20 vision. His innovative techniques have been used as a benchmark for other eye surgeons throughout the country. Dr. Holzman is a board-certified ophthalmologist, and also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a member of the National Clinical Advisory Board of TLC Laser Eye Centers and has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America for his expertise in vision correction surgery. He is regularly called upon by fellow eye doctors to perform their refractive surgeries , and is highly regarded as one of the best specialists in the nation. 

Dr. Andrew Holzman

Your vision is irreplaceable, and I want to help you not only maintain your eyesight, but significantly improve it.

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman



Choose Dr. Holzman?

“You can trust us with your eyes.”

Dr. Andrew E. Holzman is the medical director at TLC Laser Eye Centers. He is passionate about changing the lives his patients through exceptional laser eye procedures including LASIK and PRK. He conducts thorough evaluations to determine the right solution for your needs.

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Norah O’Donnell

You are the most amazing doctor!  The LASIK surgery has changed my life – what an eye opening experience. Absolutely love your whole team- the best in the business!  Thank you!

Norah O’Donnell – Co-anchor of CBS This Morning

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Your Vision


At TLC Eye Centers, we believe in offering a full spectrum of vision correction procedures so you can enjoy life to the fullest:

Trust Your Eyes to a Doctor with Over 70,000 Procedures Worth of Experience

office front desk
office waiting room

Our Lifetime

Commitment to You

At TLC Laser Eye Centers , we believe in providing continuing care for your vision, which is why we started the TLC Lifetime Commitment  program. If you received vision correction surgery at any one of our TLC locations , and you require additional enhancements to preserve your quality of vision, clinically qualified participating patients will receive a same-technology enhancement procedure at no charge.

  • Laser Vision Correction
  • PRK
  • Contoura™  Vision
  • Intralase®
  • Keratoconus Treatment
  • Intacs & Corneal Cross-linking
  • Monovision Laser Vision Correction
  • iLASIK
  • VISIX CustomVue™
  • Allegretto Wave™
  • CK®
  • Additional Technologies




The most commonly performed refractive surgery, LASIK gently reshapes the cornea to provide crisper, clearer vision.


PRK surgery offers an excellent alternative to LASIK for patients with thin corneas and certain lifestyle restrictions.

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Treatments & Technologies

Dr. Holzman always maintains the latest and most advanced technologies and treatments available today. This allows him to offer each patient the widest range of procedures, which results in unique care for each individual set of eyes. Perhaps the most innovative breakthrough in technology to date is Contoura™ Vision . Using topography-guided laser vision correction, Contoura™ Vision allows ophthalmologists to provide the most precise enhancement available. Each patient is carefully examined in order to determine the most beneficial method of correction. 

I’m giving them 5 stars because the whole experience was phenomenal.

Andrew R

Dr. Holzman was my surgeon. And yes! He was incredible. He was calm and you just know he knows what he’s doing.


Vision Correction Options


kamra inlay



The IntraLase® FS Laser has revolutionized the first step of LASIK surgery.

Corneal Cross-linking


Contoura™ Vision uniquely restores vision using topography-guided lasers.


Your Free Consultation

Choose A Location

Your vision is important to us, and we want to make your treatment and care as convenient as possible.

Our practice features five locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., to best serve your needs:

  • McLean Office
  • Rockville Office
  • Charlottesville Office
  • Washington Office
  • Gainesville Office

TLC Laser Eye Centers, alongside Dr. Holzman , have developed a reputation for excellence, which has spread throughout the tri-state area. Thousands of patients are experiencing an improved quality of life after undergoing vision correction surgery with us.

Authored by

Dr. Andrew Holzman

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By Andrew Holzman 10/29/18

Am I Too Old to Have PRK?

By Andrew Holzman 9/28/18

Tips to Improve Your LASIK Success Rate

By Andrew Holzman 9/16/18

Congrats to Wilson Ramos on his Second All Star Selection!!!

By Andrew Holzman 7/9/18

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MessageOur Staff

Dr. Holzman is the best – very honest, very professional yet very friendly and personable.

Ben E.

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We have 5 locations in
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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven Holzman

dr-stevenAustin cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steven Holzman, is a longtime resident of Texas. After graduating from a Houston high school, he went on to complete his undergraduate education at the University of Texas in Austin. In 1988, Dr. Holzman earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Health  Science Center in Houston, Texas. He currently makes Austin his home.

To date, Dr. Holzman has many academic accomplishments to his name. He completed his residency in surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in Little Rock in 1998. During this time, he also earned a number of prestigious academic appointments, including teaching general surgery at Tufts Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, and teaching plastic surgery and emergency medicine at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Dr. Holzman is dedicated to his profession and is a member of many prominent medical associations, including:

  • Austin Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Texas Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)

Dr. Holzman, along with Dr. Mosier, has privileges at nearly every Austin, Texas hospital facility.

The Consultation with Dr. Steven Holzman

Every patient undergoing a surgical procedure at our practice is entitled to a personal consultation with Dr. Holzman. During the consultation, Dr. Holzman reviews the surgical problem and performs a physical exam. He also outlines and discusses the risks involved and the probability of success. Patients are encouraged to bring a list of their own questions and a notepad to help them take down additional information.

Contact The Plastic Surgery Center of Austin for a complimentary consultation with cosmetic surgeon Steven Holzman.

View Before  After Procedures Performed by Steven Holzman, M.D.

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