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Phillipines Franchise Information


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Shakey’s Pizza Franchise

| March 4, 2007 | Dining | No Comments

In 1975, the first Shakey’s Pizza Parlor opened in the Philippines, with a promise to serve “fun…also pizza”. That opening day, the restaurant sold nearly eight times as much pizza as expected, amidst balloons, charlie Chaplin movies, banjo and piano music.

Since then, Shakey’s has opened over 100 outlets nationwide. Today, you don’t even have to leave your home to enjoy “perfect pizzas and a whole lot more”. Shakey’s can deliver your pizza through one of the widest delivery networks in the country.

It’s been a long time since April 30, 1954. But the great pizzas and the fun that Shakey and Ed served then are still around to help make Shakey’s the No.1 pizza restaurant chain in the Philippines.

Trade Name: Shakey’s
Franchised Offered: Single Unit Franchise
Format: Restaurant
Category: Food & Beverage
Initial Investment: Php 6,000,000
Contact Person: Mr. Jon Jon Edralin
Contact No: 838-0151
Address: 2/F Sample Shop Bldg., AFP RSBS Industrial Park
Target Franchise Area: Metro Manila , Visayas, Mindanao

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    SHAKEY’S Business is a GREAT Business!

    Shakey’s shares its opportunities with the right partners who trust in the Shakey’s name. We have grown to 220 stores nationwide and still growing!

    +Proven brand and track record for more than 41 years with attractive store design.

    +Low investment cost, great margins, one of the best
    Return-On-Investment (ROI) rate.

    +Fantastic growth opportunities.

    +Wide array of the well-loved products.

    +A committed team who has the vision of making the company
    “The Leading and Preferred Family Casual Dining Restaurant serving pizza as it’s core product.”.

    Franchising Details:


    Discover the World of Shakeys. A world teeming with opportunities for businessmen, entrepreneurs, visionaries and big thinkers. We challenge you to be part of the Family which has a proven record for business excellence. A Saga of Success…

    40 years of Market Dominance

    More than a hundred restaurants nationwide owned and operated by the company and by different franchisees. It has remained a strong force in the pizza market and has been among the top three pizza chains in the country since it’s inception.

    Nationwide Store System

    Easy to operate with simplified operations systems. Integrated Point-of-Sale and Inventory Systems. #1 Delivery System in Metro Manila. Investors have been attracted to the business because of its low capital investment resulting to quick and high-yielding returns. Expertise, unwavering support and an exciting blueprint for growth and success are just some of the reasons that sets itself apart from other franchise opportunities. Be Our Partner for Growth and Expansion!

    As part of the family, our resources are at your disposal and these include:

    +Marketing and advertising services.

    +Standardized financial systems.

    +Centralized Purchasing and Distribution.

    +Operations standards, systems and support.

    +Human resources training and development.

    +Research and Development/Quality assurance.

    +Design, construction, and technical support.


    Our partnership will be built on our commitment to give Service Excellence through innovations on products, systems and people so that we deliver only the best to our customers.

    Financial Investments:

    The financial requirement for franchising a restaurant ranges from P18M to P25M depending on store size, location and other factors (but does not include site acquisition cost).

    The investment will be for the:

    +Construction of the restaurant (interiors and exteriors).

    +Purchase and installation of kitchen equipment, furniture and fixtures.

    +Pre-operating expenses.

    +Franchise Fee.

     * The Franchise grant is for a ten (10) year period applicable to a specific location only with an option to renew for another five (5) years based on mutual agreements.

    Application Process:

    Upon receipt of the letter of intent, an application form will be provided to the Franchise Applicant who then undergoes a three phased application process:

    +The Screening

    +The Validation

    +Final Review


    Should you wish to pursue your application, kindly send a letter of intent addressed to Mr. Jose Arnold T. Alvero – Planning and Business Development Director, detailing the size and frontage of the space, exact location, pictures of the actual site and other details which you may deem pertinent to your application.

    For lease proposal, you may reach us though our email at [email protected] For Franchising inquiry, you may send your questions or clarifications to [email protected]

    For International Franchise applications, kindly send a letter of intent addressed to Mr. Marvin Q. Da Silva – Vice President, Shakey’s International Limited, detailing the City and Country pertinent to your application.

    You may send the information and any questions or clarifications on International Franchising to [email protected] and our International Franchise and Business Development Officer will be in touch to assist you.