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filipino creation myth Shaniqua: Meaning Of Name Shaniqua – Nameberry

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Baby names meanings search results:

The name Shaniqua is a baby girl name. The name Shaniqua comes from the African-American origin. In English the meaning of the name Shaniqua is: A version of the name Shanika, meaning G-d is gracious. 

Name Information

Boy or Girl ?:girl
Origin of name:African-American
Meaning:A version of the name Shanika, meaning G-d is gracious.
Average Visitor Rating:3.56 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings:41

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written by Shaniqua Jones,
February 07, 2008

My name is Shaniqua Jones and my uncle’s name is Mike Jones. Yeah. The rapper!

written by Shy-Town,
February 14, 2008

You guys have got to be making up these meanings… These names are hilarious

written by Ms.McCloud,
February 17, 2008

Come on now black people this ghetto stuff has got to stop. I don’t care who your uncle is your mom shouldn’t have done that to you. African Americans y’all have to stop doing that to your kids and wonder why when they grow up the white kid get the job over them because they can’t say your name maybe that’s why

written by shenequa,
February 18, 2008

african american people don’t make ghetto names we try to make them something every one else doesn’t have like billy,mandy,lisa and all those other white peoples names..

written by Fiona Jade,
February 24, 2008

As parents, I really do think we need to think long and hard before we name our children. If a certain name carries negative preconceptions then the name should not be given to the baby.
Are they serious?

written by Mia,
March 11, 2008

I’ve seen a lot of name books and websites with baby names and I’ve never known any of these to have meanings! Black people, we should definitely think long and hard before naming our kids. It’s not selling out either, or trying to be something you’re not.

written by niki,
April 02, 2008

i agree we need to think harder about the names we give our kids. we say we want to be unique but tell me how unique are keisha, meisha, la teisha, faleisha jesus i could go on for weeks!

written by Elizabeth Eden,
August 06, 2008

If you want to name your baby Shaniqua, then for god sakes, name your baby shaniqua, I think it’s pretty, and trust me, getting called lizardbreath (elizabeth) as a child probably gave me character.
?Black Names?

written by tracy,
May 30, 2009

uh, i met this white girl once named Tenisha…i’d never heard that before. But anywho, I don’t think I would name my child (if i do have children) a so-called “black” name, but only because the spelling and of course, the meaning may or may not be questionable. Kinda like Uniqua from the Backyardagins.
blacks and whites

written by sadie,
March 10, 2010

lol stop being so racist. im white but thats a cool cultural name i think just like lule

written by Marylou ,
May 11, 2010

i think this is a pretty name. it doesnt matter if it amrican, african-american, or whatever. this is the modern days. stop being racist. whatever name yooh like, think about it, n go for what you want. its your baby not others.
how sweet!

written by joyette,
August 10, 2010

my babygirl is called shanique and finding that her name means god is gracious brought tears to my eyes, i was looking a meaningful name for her before her dad suggested shanique, i fell in love with the name as soon as i heard it, for pple who are condemning it should really stop maybe they are not happy with their own names and are jealous of a beautiful name like this and all this americans talking crap about not getting a job becos of ur name, duh! are they for real?!!!!!!!

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Origin of Shaniqua: Modern invented name

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The name Shaniqua is a girl’s name . Shaniqua and discussed in our forums with posts like ” Build a sibling set together! “.

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Unfortunate name that’s become a caricature, like Muffy , say, or Bruce .

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” Shaniqua ,” song by hip-hop duo Little -T And One Track Mike

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