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caponata Caponata



  1. a spread of chopped eggplant, tomatoes, onions, and capers, and sometimes pine nuts, anchovies, and olives, cooked in olive oil.
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British Dictionary definitions for caponata


  1. (in Sicilian cookery) a dish of fried seasoned aubergine and other vegetables, served as an appetizer

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Definition of caponata in English:



mass noun

  • A dish of aubergines, olives, and onions seasoned with herbs, served as an appetizer.

    • ‘Three small baguette toasts arrive topped with eggplant caponata – a savory relish with sweet onions atop a touch of mild sheep’s milk feta.’
    • ‘To throw a handful into the likes of the classic aubergine caponata will prove inspirational.’
    • ‘Or the Siciliano, its glorious crust brushed with tomato paste seasoned with anchovy and olives and adorned with dollops of tangy sweet-and-sour caponata and cumin-scented ricotta?’
    • ‘In the seafood category, my favorite was the seared tuna, which came with a tangy caponata made with eggplant, pine nuts, and white raisins.’
    • ‘But a taste of cubanelle, a poblano chili stuffed with cheese, caponata, and peppers, will help you take leave all over again.’
    • ‘Dinner might start with swordfish carpaccio, moving on to seafood with noodles, tuna with peppers, or caponata, a Sicilian speciality based on aubergines.’
    • ‘Some poetic licence was used, as caponata is a Sicilian dish usually served cold, though this interpretation went down well.’
    • ‘Besides, I wanted to eat lemon granita in a sweet bun sandwich for breakfast, discover the secrets behind caponata and pasta alla Norma, and sample the legendary glories of Sicilian pasticceria.’
    • ‘Translate this promiscuous flamboyance into pottery and you have majolica, into theater and you have Palermo’s life-sized puppet shows, into cuisine and you have… caponata.’
    • ‘There’s a sublime charcoal-smoky baba ghannouj; a lumpy patlican salatasi – a parsley-packed eggplant salad, fragrant with fresh dill and lemon – and a spicy, garlicky Turkish take on caponata.’






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