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Ch-6 test



A child with the mass 23 kg rides a bike with a mass of 5.5 kg at a velocity of 4.5 m/s to the south. Compare the momentum of the child with the momentum of the bike.
The child has a greater momentum than the bike
When comparing the momentum of two moving objects, which of the following is correct?
The less massive object will have less momentum if the velocities are the same
A baseball is pitched very fast. Another baseball of equal mass is pitched very slowly. Which of the fallowing statements is correct?
The fast-moving baseball is harder to stop because it has more momentum
A roller coaster climbs up a hill at 4 m/s and then zips down the hill at 30 m/s. The momentum of the roller coster
is greater down the hill than up the hill
A person sitting in a chair with wheel stands, causing the chair to roll backwards across the floor. The momentum of the chair
was zero with stationary and increased when a person stood
A student walks to class of velocity of 3 m/s
while dodging the opening door
An ice skater initially skating at a velocity of 3 m/s speeds up to a velocity of 5 m/s. The momentum of the skater
If force is exerted on an object, which statement is true?
A small force is applied over a long time interval can produce a large change in the object’s momentum
The change in an object’s momentum is equal to
the product of the force applied to the object and the time interval
A force is applied to stop moving a shopping cart. Increasing the time interval over which the force is applied
requires a smaller force
Which of the following situations is an example of visible change in momentum?
a baseball is hit by a bat
Which of the following situations is an example of change in momentum?
A tennis ball hit into a net
The impulse experienced by a body is equivalent to the body’s change in
A moderate force will break an egg one
the time intevcal for stopping is greater
Which of the following statements properly relates the variables in the equation Ftriangle=triangleP?
a large constant force acting over a long time interval causes a large change in momentum
A large moving ball collides with a small stationary ball. The momentum
of the large ball decreases, and the momentum of the small ball increases
a 75 kg and 80 kg person one
a 20 kg shopping cart moving at a velocity of 0.5 m/s collides into a store wall and stops. The magnitude of the shopping cart
A rubber ball moving at a speed of 5 m/s hit a flat wall returned to the thrower at 5 m/s/ The magnitude of the momentum of the rubber ball
remained the same
Two objects with different masses collide and bounce back after an elastic collision. Before the collision, the two objects were moving at a velocities equal in a magnitude but opposite in direction. After the collision,
the less massive object had gained momentum
Two skaters stand facing each other, one is 60 kg and other is 72kg
their momentum are equal but opposite
Two swimmers relax close to each other on air mattresses in a pool. One swimmer’s mass is 48 kg, and the other’s mass is 55 kg. If the swimmers push away from each other,
their momentum are equal but opposite
A soccer ball collides with another soccer ball. The total momentum of the balls
remains constant
Paint is splattered on a canvas. After the paint sticks to the canvas, the total momentum of the paint and canvas
is zero
in a two-body collision,
momentum is conserved
The law of conservation of momentum states that
the total momentum of all objects interacting with one another remains constant regardless of the nature of the forces between the objects
Which of the following statements about the conservation of momentum is NOT correct?
momentum is not conserved for a systems of objects in a head-on collision
Two objects move separately after colliding, both the total momentum and total kinetic energy remain constant. Identify the type of collision
perfectly inelastic
Two objects stick together and move with the same velocity after colliding , Identify the type of collission
After colliding, objects are deformed and lose some kinetic energy. identify type of collision
Two billiard balls collide. Identify the type of collision
Two balls of dough collide and stick together. identify the type of collision
in an elastic collision between two objects with unequal masses,
the momentum of one object will increase by the amount that the momentum of the other object deecreases
a billiard ball collides with a stationary identical ball on an elastic head-on collision. After the collision, which is true of the first ball?
it comes to rest
a billiard ball collides with a second identical ball in an elastic head-on collision, After the collision, which is true of the first ball
which of the following best describes the kinetic energy if each object after a two-body collision if the momentum if the system is conserved?
might also be ocnserved
which of the following best describes the momenta if the bodies a two-body collision if the kinetic energy of the system is conseved
must also e conserved
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