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Animal Abuse and Cruelty

Grade: 5 | Year: 2008

What would you do if you saw someone hurting an animal? Most of you probably would not know what you should REALLY do. Good morning (afternoon) teachers, judges, and fellow students. Today, I will be talking to you about animal abuse and cruelty. Specifically, I will discuss cats and dogs being abused, because they are the most abused domestic animals. Domestic means that these are types of animals you can have in your home.

Who in their right mind would abuse a poor defenseless cat or dog? Unfortunately, people of all ages abuse animals. This includes senior citizens, adults, teenagers and even children. Sadly, most animal abusers and killers are teenagers.

Researchers say that violence against animals often represents displaced hostility and aggression stemming from neglect or abuse by some other family member. What that means is that if a child is abused, they are more likely to be an abuser of animals. Serious or repeated animal cruelty is seen more often in boys than girls. Associated characteristics of a child who abuses animals may include those who do poorly in school, have low self-esteem, few friends, and are bullies who may also be known for skipping school, damaging other peoples’ property and have other bad behaviours.

Adults who abuse animals may have grown up in an abusive home. Sometimes, during a divorce, one adult may take out their anger on their dog or cat, to get back at the other person. Others do it for no reason. Sadly, teenagers abuse animals for fun, even though there certainly is nothing funny about what they have done. It is the exact opposite – stupidity, irrational and wrong!

Abused cats have been beaten and even killed by their owners. One cat was burned to death by teenagers. During my research, I read of two teens that killed a total of seventeen cats. One cat was put in a microwave and was killed. Another man killed his cat by hitting it with a rake. If this doesn’t make you feel sick, I don’t what else would.

Dogs have been abused as well. Five puppies were thrown down into an outhouse hole. Luckily, someone walking by heard their pitiful whining and they were all rescued. One man killed his mother’s dog with a hammer. Another dog, named Rudy, was neglected and abused so badly that you could see every rib on the dog. During the past month, there was an article in the Hamilton Spectator newspaper, about how two teenagers had dragged a dog behind a car and killed it.

There are agencies and people who help to rescue animals that have been abused or abandoned. These include the SPCA, which is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Animal Aid, and the City of Burlington Animal Control Bylaw Officers. I attended the Animal Control office and spoke to Bylaw Officer Tanya. Through my interview, and literature I received, I found out that Animal Control rescued 669 cats in 2007. Unfortunately, in Ontario 1700 cats were put down because they were either too ill, too injured, or no one would adopt them.

As I told you earlier, Rudy and the five puppies are now living happy lives in their newly adoptive homes. Every year, people rescue racing dogs called greyhounds. This type of dog is used to race and people bet on these races. Once the dog gets injured, too old, or doesn’t win any races, the owners will have the dog put down. My neighbour also rescued a dog from Hurricane Katrina. These were dogs that were separated from their owners during the storm and had no one to care for them. Animal Control in Burlington rescued 433 dogs in 2007.

What should you do if you see someone abusing an animal? Call the police and try and write down as much information as you can, such as what the person looked like, the type of dog, the licence plate of the car, or the address. Do not try and intervene or you could get hurt as well. Always call the police, and they, with the SPCA, will come to help.

I looked at the Criminal Code and the law says that anyone who causes unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal, or kills or injures an animal can get up to 6 months in jail and/or a $2000 fine.

So now you have heard who abuses animals and why (not that there is any good reason), and what you should do if you see someone hurting or abusing an animal. So when you go home today, I hope you will think about what I have told you, and you can give your own pet an extra pat or hug to show them how much you love them.

Thank you for listening.

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Animal cruelty speech

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Imagine you were the one being tested on, imagine your skin being torn off alive, imagine your arms and legs being ripped off while still alive, imagine being burnt alive, fellow classmates even imagine losing your life, just so you can satisfy other species. Doesn’t sound fun does it? Good afternoon Miss —– and fellow classmates. Many of you may ask what is animal cruelty is. Animal cruelty is the act of violence against animals, testing them just so humans can undergo their normal lives. Ask yourselves what’s more important, mascara, or a living organism. They live and breathe like us, they have feelings and hearts, and so what makes us better than them? Are we just murderers too? I stand before you today, to make you all aware of how appalling animal cruelty really is and why it MUST be stopped. I will discuss three arguments, the different types of animal cruelty, animal testing and lastly why animal cruelty should be abolished. Let’s begin with the different types of animal cruelty. I strongly believe that there are several types of animal cruelty that many people disregard. When you think of animal abuse you probably just think violence being inflicted on an animal, or leaving it out in the cold, but those are just some forms of animal abuse. People are making animal’s fight each other until one of them has died while suffering an unbearably painful death, just for their entertainment. Animals are being slaughtered in the most painful ways so that people can enjoy a nice delicious meal. Animals don’t exist to be eaten; they exist for having a life just as us human beings.

Each year, thousands of young and healthy Greyhounds are killed because they lack racing potential or have been injured while racing and are no longer competitive. This means that they are being killed, simply for lacking the fitness level. Statistics show, that 12,569 animals are being cruelly treated every day in Australia alone. 65% of those numbers are dogs. Imagine your dog, who is like your best friend, being forced to fight another dog, having its ears torn off, its legs ripped off while it screams and yelps for your help, but there’s nothing you can do about it, just sit and watch. Society doesn’t realise how serious animal testing is, people are just testing animals for their own selfish selves. Do you know what disgusts me most? Animal testing! It happens all around the world and people are only influencing it. Do you care that animals are suffering everyday due to animal testing? Worldwide, at least 22 animals die every second in labs due to animal testing. Why is it that these animals are being tested on, being killed and we are doing nothing about it? Aren’t we just murderers?

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They seem to think that humans are most superior to everyone and we’re the only ones that deserve to live on this planet. Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to roam free and use their minds. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them. Animal cruelty is like a disease, it just won’t stop, students I will now tell you all my last argument which is why animal cruelty should be abolished. Classmates imagine your eyes being blinded, your skin being burnt off of your bones, your hair being ripped off or your legs or arms being torn apart. In today’s cruel society, there are millions of animals that do not have the privileges we humans do. Talk about equality, these animals are getting no say in what they want.

Each day, dogs are fighting ferociously just for human entertainment while these animals are powerless to refuse. Imagine for one whole day, animal cruelty was turned around, and we were the ones suffering. Animals are being left to starve, disabled, blinded just for us humans. Over 50 million rabbits, I repeat over 50 MILLION rabbits each year are dying just for their fur. Every year animal cruelty increases, there MUST be a stop. My fellow classmates, animal cruelty is a disregarded social problem that affects the world appallingly. It’s nauseating to even mention the words, these people are no different from being murderers.

Three arguments were discussed, the different types of animal cruelty such as animals being forced to violence and animals being slaughtered, animal testing which is used on millions of animals all around the world for human products and lastly why animal cruelty should be abolished and how horrendous it is. I encourage you all to make a decision now, think of the horrible lives the animals live as they wait for their death, think about the harm that you’re doing to helpless victims. Animal cruelty isn’t something that can be stopped with by myself, it takes an entire nation, and this is just the beginning. Should animal cruelty be stopped? No! animal cruelty MUST be stopped! So classmates, I ask, what are you going to do about it?

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