• Moshe

    Moshe on Dec, 28 2012

    Series 4 breaking bad finale- there are no words! but it reminded me of batman. omg. Incredible. I need sleep.


  • Josie

    Josie on Dec, 28 2012

    Oh ya know, just watched Breaking Bad for about 6 hours last night. & didn’t go to sleep til 8 this morning.


  • Scharmaine

    Scharmaine on Jan, 3 2013

    Finally! I’ve watched all the Breaking Bad you can on Netflix! I’m free!!! I’M FINALLY FREE! (also, does anyone have season 5 I can borrow?)


  • Julianne

    Julianne on Mar, 27 2013

    Awkward moment when my friends are talking about how theyre into Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead and i think to myself “i dont have amc”


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